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The 6 best hair dryers to buy in 2019

By PriceRunner Updated 02/14/2019

We have tested hair dryers and name Remington PROLuxe AC9140 as best in test. This is an aesthetically pleasing and very powerful hair dryer, which dries your hair quickly without needing very much heat. GHD Aura Air is our choice for premium hair dryer. This is a powerful hair dyer of very high quality for professional use and makes for an exclusive experience when you use it.

Everything about Hair dryer

A good hair dryer can be the big difference between hectic morning chaos and a smooth morning routine. The hair dryer is also the key to every trendy hairstyle. It's quite simply easier, quicker, more fun and more pleasant to dry and style your hair with a good product. There are a plethora of different models on the market - everything from luxurious superlight travel hair dryers through eco-friendly design hair dryers to powerful salon hair dryers. They vary a great deal in price, noise level, power and temperature for both hot and cold air. You shouldn't skimp on your hair dryer, because the cheap models often make your hair difficult to handle, static and frizzy. In our tests we help you to buy the right hair dryer so that you only have good hair days from now on.

The most important parameter in a good hair dryer is that it is effective but at the same time gentle on the hair. Too much heat can burn the scalp and make the hair both damaged and lifeless. So manufacturers invest in professional products that don't merely dry the hair quickly but also care for it, so that the hair becomes soft, smooth, shiny and retains moisture balance. Ceramic technology gives an even distribution of heat, while an ionising function neutralises positive ions. These technologies effectively counteract tangles and static electricity while reducing the risk of dry and brittle hair. The hair is also easy to work and more flexible so that you can more easily create great looking hairstyles both on long and short hair. If you're used to the previous generation of hair dryers, you'll be amazed about the softness, lustre and shine that a new, modern hair dryer can give.

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