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The 6 best hair dryers to buy in 2019

ByPriceRunnerUpdated July 19, 2019

We have tested hair dryers and name Remington PROLuxe AC9140 as best in test. This is an aesthetically pleasing and very powerful hair dryer, which dries your hair quickly without needing very much heat. GHD Aura Air is our choice for premium hair dryer. This is a powerful hair dyer of very high quality for professional use and makes for an exclusive experience when you use it.

1. GHD Aura Air

A very good quality hair dryer for professional use

GHD Aura Professional

As usual, GHD leaves nothing to chance in terms of design quality with its GHD Aura Air. This enormously powerful hair dryer is great quality and easy to use. The extremely long cable of a full 4 m means that you never need to worry about the distance between the electrical outlet and the mirror. It's easy to add volume as the air flow is concentrated well with the nozzle on. This makes it easy to work with just one part of the hair at a time without affecting the rest or making it frizzy.

The powerful motor speeds up and slows down as you use it; in other words it doesn't stop abruptly. This affects the power of the hair dryer. The GHD Aura Air is designed with an airspace between the airflow and the outer shell, which means that the outside never gets too hot and that you can always hold it without risking burning yourself. The nozzle is also designed in the same way, and so the outgoing air is never hotter than 44° C. This means that you can work with the hair dryer very close to the scalp without burning it.

GHD's products are generally of high quality, which means that our expectations and demands on this product are also high. The Aura Air is definitely up to standard and lives up to our high expectations. The design is very appealing and gives off an exclusive feel. After use the hair feels fresh and looks both thick and healthy. Overall this is a professional product that's good for a hairdressing salon but is also suitable for anyone who requires a high quality, precision product.

Very powerful, exclusive experience, long cable, good nozzle

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2. Remington PROLuxe AC9140

Aesthetically appealing and very powerful

Remington Proluxe AC9140

The Remington PROLuxe hair dryer isn't only incredibly attractive, it's also very powerful and at the same time gentle on the hair. The hair dryer has a 2400 watt AC motor, which makes it effective. The hair dries quickly without you needing a lot of heat. The Remington PROluxe has two speed settings and three heat settings. In addition to these there is also a cool shot function. In relation to the power generated by the hair dryer, it's relatively light. The hair dryer feels good in your hand and is easy to use. It has a long cable, which makes it practical to work with. It comes with two concentrators in different thicknesses, together with a diffuser.

The PROLuxe is very aesthetically attractive, with its light pink, shiny and matte finish, together with copper details dividing the different surface finishes. This makes it that bit more enjoyable to get it out and use it. There aren't many negative things to comment on here, except for possibly that the noise level is a little high. In general, the Remington PROLuxe is a very good product, which in relation to its price really performs well.

Attractive design, very powerful
Slightly noisy

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3. Parlux 3800 Eco Friendly Ionic & Ceramic Edition

Lightweight hair dryer that dries the hair quickly and includes two different nozzles

Parlux 3800 Eco Ceramic & Ionic

The Parlux 3800 is a very small and neat hair dryer manufactured in recyclable material. It has a ceramic heating element which uses ion technology to make the hair shinier and less flyaway. This sounds like hocus-pocus but it does actually work. The controls are distinct but have a slightly confusing colour scheme - for example, the cold air button is red. This isn't a travel hair dryer as such, but the format makes it easy to pack into your suitcase. We like the fact that, as well as being really effective, the hair dryer is environmentally friendly.

Low weight, dries hair quickly. Includes two nozzles
Controls slightly sharp on the hand, no diffuser

4. Toni&Guy Compact Salon Dryer 1700W

Attractive, comfortable hair dryer with effective power and very good cold air option

Toni & Guy Professional 2100W Compact AC Power Dryer TGDR5370

The Tony&Guy Compact Salon Dryer is an attractive and effective hair dryer. The 1700 W motor gives a good airflow and thus a short drying time. The cool shot button gives really cold air, which makes it easy to quickly cool your styled hair. The entire hair dryer has a nice satiny matte finish, which is attractive but also feels nice. The handle fits nicely in the hand but you can hit the buttons by mistake. A nozzle for targeted air flow is included. A good hair dryer that's suitable for both women and men.

Really good direct cold airattractive pleasant feeling finish
High priceno diffuser

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5. Braun HD710

Cheap hair dryer with comfortable grip, gives a good finished result and has a money-back guarantee

Braun Satin Hair 7 HD 710

The Braun HD710 has the biggest power consumption of all the hair dryers in this test, with 2200 W, but is still hard to use. The fan is noisy and neither the hot or cold setting nor the power are impressive. Unfortunately the cable is also too short, at 1.9 metres. However, we like the slide control that makes it difficult to change temperature by mistake during use. Nor does it get in the way of your hand. On the plus side, the hair dryer is relatively cheap and has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Cheap, good end result, comfortable grip, money-back guarantee
High powered but still weak hair dryer

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6. BaByliss 6611E PRO Silence

Powerful hair dryer with concentrated air flow

Babyliss Pro Silence 6611E

The BaByliss PRO Silence is fully functional with a standard version and the most basic functions. This is a hair dryer that does what's expected - in other words it dries your hair but doesn't exactly offer anything extra. The hair dryer has two different speed levels, two different heating levels and a cool shot effect. It has 2200 watt power, equivalent to wind speed of 110 km/h. The throat of the dryer is relatively small, which produces a concentrated airflow that creates a great deal of power and quick drying.

The very short cable on the hair dryer makes the PRO Silence slightly more difficult to work with if the electrical outlet isn't right next to a mirror. The noise level is relatively high and it makes a faint whining sound which can be rather unpleasant. The design is neutral and not particularly unique. The overall impression is a little cheap both in terms of materials and other details, such as the buttons and text on the hair dryer.

The BaByliss PRO Silence is a basic hair dryer that has the majority of basic functions and which is fine if you don't use this type of product every day. In relation to what you get, it feels rather expensive and there are many other products that have better quality for the same price.

Powerful, concentrated airflow
High noise level, short cable, cheap overall impression

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Everything about Hair dryer

A good hair dryer can be the big difference between hectic morning chaos and a smooth morning routine. The hair dryer is also the key to every trendy hairstyle. It's quite simply easier, quicker, more fun and more pleasant to dry and style your hair with a good product. There are a plethora of different models on the market - everything from luxurious superlight travel hair dryers through eco-friendly design hair dryers to powerful salon hair dryers. They vary a great deal in price, noise level, power and temperature for both hot and cold air. You shouldn't skimp on your hair dryer, because the cheap models often make your hair difficult to handle, static and frizzy. In our tests we help you to buy the right hair dryer so that you only have good hair days from now on.

The most important parameter in a good hair dryer is that it is effective but at the same time gentle on the hair. Too much heat can burn the scalp and make the hair both damaged and lifeless. So manufacturers invest in professional products that don't merely dry the hair quickly but also care for it, so that the hair becomes soft, smooth, shiny and retains moisture balance. Ceramic technology gives an even distribution of heat, while an ionising function neutralises positive ions. These technologies effectively counteract tangles and static electricity while reducing the risk of dry and brittle hair. The hair is also easy to work and more flexible so that you can more easily create great looking hairstyles both on long and short hair. If you're used to the previous generation of hair dryers, you'll be amazed about the softness, lustre and shine that a new, modern hair dryer can give.

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