Updated 9 March 2022

Rainwear: 2 models tested

Does your child need to stay dry in a wet and muddy playground? We tested rainwear for children, from brands such as Didriksons, Kuling and Nordbjørn. For rainwear to be best in test, it must keep your child dry, have good wear resistance and a comfortable fit.

How we did the test

We carry out our tests ourselves and test all products as they are intended to be used in reality. In our tests of rainwear, we asked children of preschool and school age to use the clothes in their everyday lives. After that, they evaluated the garments together with their parents. In the test, we primarily looked at the following characteristics:

  • Fit: How does the rainwear work on different types of bodies, do the trousers go high up to provide good protection and can the legs and arm cuffs be adjusted to fit?
  • Function: How water-resistant are the garments, how well do lined garments keep the heat in, and do zips and pockets work well?
  • Durability: How well does the rainwear resist wear and tear, can it be washed and how well does water resistance stand up to washing?

The above factors were then compared to the price of the rainwear, after which we allocated a score and picked a rainwear test winner.

1. Didriksons Boardman Lined Rain Set - BEST CHOICE RAINWEAR 2022

Wear-resistant and warm rainwear, recommended for those who want lined galon

Type: Lined galon Water resistance: 8000 mm hydrostatic head Available sizes: 70-140 cl Machine washable: Yes, max. 40 degrees Tumble dry: No

Didriksons Boardman Kid's Set - Oat Yellow (502685-321)

Didriksons are a classic manufacturer of outdoor clothing for children, and the Boardman rain set has been around for many years This lined rain set has a timeless design that’s updated annually with new colours and patterns. So being able to match with popular colours in other children’s garments isn’t a problem.

Lined rain set with high waisted trousers

The trousers of the Didriksons Boardman are a kind of sleeveless overall. Up to the waist they are made of fleece-lined galon, while on the upper body there’s just a layer of fleece. The trousers can easily be adjusted to the child’s body as there are long Velcro straps running across the shoulders. At the front there’s a zip, to make it easier for your child to get them on and off. The straps that run under the child’s boots are made of rubber and still in excellent condition after a season of use.

It’s obvious that the jacket has been carefully designed. The bottom 10 cm is unlined, so water can’t seep in from outside and wet the lining, for example if the child sits down in a deep puddle. The elastic in the cuffs is tight enough, and with a good galon mitten it keeps the child’s hands nice and dry. The Didriksons Boardman jacket has a zip with press studs over the top. The fit is good, and the garments have plenty of room in.


Lined galon that stays perfectly watertight and warm

The hood of the Didriksons Boardman jacket is removable, as is the fleece lining. In really blustery weather, it’s an advantage that the hood is adjustable around the child’s face, to protect it more against the elements and also to prevent the hood from slipping off if it’s a little too large. The wear resistance is very good. Neither the reinforced knees nor anywhere else have any inclination to develop holes or show signs of wear.

Not once does the Didriksons Boardman let in water. The heat-holding capacity is also excellent, even when temperatures begin to approach zero and it’s slushy. Your child can still wear ordinary clothes underneath. The only thing that’s really missing, especially for our young testers, are pockets. Neither the jacket nor the trousers have any, so there’s nowhere the child can put their mittens or a nice stone they’ve found in the park. Otherwise, the Didriksons Boardman has everything you need if you want a good rain set made of lined galon.

Good fithigh-waisted adjustable trouserswear resistantkeep the heat well
Not a single pocket

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Didriksons Boardman Kids Waterproof Insulated Set (Yellow) - 10 - 11 yrs (140) / Yellow


2. Nordbjørn Skagen Lined Rain Set BEST - BUDGET CHOICE

Warm rainwear to suit the family who want good and cheap lined galon

Type: Lined galon Water resistance: 8000 mm hydrostatic head Available sizes: 74/80-134/140 cl Machine washable: Yes, max. 40 degrees Tumble dry: No

Nordbjørn Skagen Fodrat Regnställ - Twilight Blue

It’s easy to get through many lined galon rain sets during your child’s early years. And you can’t avoid noticing that some brands really charge a lot for their garments. So if you’re looking for cheap lined galon, it’s a good idea to look at smaller brands. And Nordbjørn Skagen is a good example of that.

Lined galon trousers with braces

The trousers that belong to the Nordbjørn Skagen are lined up to the child’s waist, but run high up over the chest. The upper part is only made of galon. The trousers are held in place with braces over the child's shoulders. The length of the braces can be adjusted and fastened together with standard buckles. The braces run so close to the neck that they don’t feel like they’re sliding down over the shoulders, as long as they’re tight enough. But they aren’t so close to the neck that they’re uncomfortable.

The straps to be run underneath the child’s boots are made of normal elastic and secured with buttons. Neither the straps nor buttons came off after a season of use, but the straps were worn and would need to be replaced over time. The jacket has both zips and press studs. The hood, also fleece lined, can be removed. There is elastic at both the lower edge of the rain jacket and in the sleeves.


Rainwear with good function but cheap details

Given the function, there’s nothing to complain about. Nordbjørn Skagen doesn’t let water in, despite sometimes rowdy outdoor play. The rainwear reflectors are the areas that have worn most, but otherwise there are no holes or cracks in the galon. And the fleece was easily good enough to keep our test children warm even when the rain was really freezing.

You primarily notice the lower price in the details. Nordbjørn Skagen has no pockets, there’s no way to adjust the hood around the child’s face, nor any way to open up the high-waisted trousers for easier dressing and undressing. But the difference between this and more expensive lined galon rainwear isn't huge. So if your budget is tight, and you can live with a little less refinement in the details, there’s no reason why you’d be dissatisfied with the Nordbjørn Skagen Lined Rain Set.

Good value lined rainweargood water resistancegood number of reflectors
A bit fiddly to put the trousers oncheap foot strapsreflectors wear quickly

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