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Top 9 Best Spinning Bikes of 2020

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Updated August 22, 2020

We have tested spinning bikes and name FINNLO Speedbike CRT as best spinning cycle of 2020. It is a stable bike with high build quality, and it is also very user-friendly. Both handlebar and seat can be adjusted effortlessly to suit people of all heights. The saddle is exceptionally comfortable and is overall a quiet spin bike for home use.

How we did the test

We carry out our tests ourselves and test all products as they are intended to be used in reality. Our test team consists of both elite and recreational athletes, and together they have evaluated over 100 exercise machines. We retain the models that perform well for longer-term testing, in many cases several years, and continuously add updates to the reviews.

In our assessment we have focused on the following areas:

  • Ease of use: Does the home spinning bike suit both short and tall persons? How easy is it to adjust the resistance? Is the spinning cycle easy to move? How clear is the user manual? Is there an exercise computer fitted?

  • Quality and design: How well constructed is the home spinning bike? How much stress and wear can the construction tolerate? What guarantee does it have included?

  • Functionality: Are the handlebars and saddle adjustable both horizontally and vertically?

  • Performance: How strong is the maximum resistance? How heavy is the maximum user weight? How powerful is the crank wheel of the spin bike?

We have scored each spinning bike according to its value for money; in other words, how good it is in each area in relation to its price tag. Thus, we have higher expectations of an expensive product than a cheaper one, and vice versa. As a result, we believe our test has uncovered the best spin bike available and the best budget spin bike you can find right now!

1. Sole Fitness SB700 - BEST SPINNING BIKE 2020

Attractive spinning bike with very high quality levels and performance, but easy to adjust

Price class: Professional Flywheel: 22 g Drive: Belt Resistance: Stepless Adjustment: Saddle: Vertically & horizontally | Handlebars: Vertically & horizontally Machine weight: 64 kg Max. user weight: 135 kg Dimensions (LxWxH): 107x54x103 cm Pedals: Combi Fixed hub: Yes Transport wheels: Yes Guarantee: 2 years Video clip: Assembly instructions : Product demo

Sole Fitness SB700

The SB700 is a premium spin bike from world-leading Sole Fitness, and we select it as our best professional choice. The design is slim and attractive and exudes exclusivity. The build quality is exemplary, which unavoidably means a heavier machine weight. Despite this, the SB700 is relatively easy to move even over carpet, not least due to its decently-sized transport wheels. The saddle is medium hard – in other words, not too hard – and feels comfortable. The flywheel is substantial and offers excellent resistance for building endurance and weight loss during your workout.

Both the handlebars and saddle can be adjusted horizontally and vertically, and the SB700 is suitable for tall persons as well as for short people. Unusually for spinning bikes, the SB700 has an exercise computer. The display is clear and shows simultaneous measurements for pulse, time etc., which reduces the need for clicking through these during the exercise session. As the exercise computer is battery-operated, the spinning bike can be placed anywhere, regardless of wall outlets. Other luxury functions are double water bottle holders and a speedometer – which is very rare on a spinning bike. The only possible weaknesses are that the pedals don't have SPD function and the handlebars may be perceived as hard if you're leaning on them while standing on the pedals.

Very high quality & performanceAttractive designExercise computerGood adjustment options
The handlebars can be perceived as hard to lean onno SPD pedals

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2. FINNLO Speedbike CRT

Quiet and high-quality home spinning bike with ergonomic advantages and SPD attachments

Price class: Professional Flywheel: 25 kg Drive: Belt Resistance: Stepless adjustment Seat adjustment: Vertically: 13.5 cm | Horizontally: 10 cm Handlebar adjustment: Vertically: 27 cm | Horizontally: 11 cm Adjustment: Vertically: 27 cm | Horizontally: 11 cm Machine weight: 63 kg Max. user weight: 150 kg Dimensions (LxWxH): 132x51x120 cm Pedals: SPD Transport wheels: Yes Guarantee: 3 years

Finnlo SpeedBike CRT

The FINNLO Speedbike CRT is a stable spinning bike with high build quality, integrated SPD attachments and which is very user-friendly. Unlike many other models, both seat and handlebars can be adjusted steplessly both horizontally and vertically. This gives the user a good chance to quickly and easily find an ergonomic sitting position, which reduces the risk of injuries. The saddle can also be angled, which is an advantage during long-distance sessions where you often sit in the same position for a long time. The resistance can be adjusted quickly with the stepless adjustment knob, and the cycle reacts immediately. The adjustment knob can be reached from all conceivable positions. The Speedbike CRT is pleasant to cycle on, and its belt drive makes it very quiet. It is equipped with a high-quality, comfortable saddle, a water bottle holder and a simple exercise computer. Unfortunately, the exercise computer's display is not backlit, which makes it illegible in a dark room.

The Speedbike CRT is also rather difficult to move as the transport wheels feel somewhat fragile, particularly on an uneven surface. It would also have been nice to have a place to secure a mobile phone, an iPad holder or a tablet holder as many people today choose to do a spinning workout via YouTube, for example. The bike could also have been compatible with a digital platform to transfer the data to an application. However, the Speedbike CRT is still a comfortable, high-quality bike you could use every day with many advantages.

Stepless adjustment of saddle & handlebarsSPD attachmentslevelling function
Fragile transport wheelsdisplay not backlit

3. KEISER Indoor Bike M3i

Extremely durable and reliable high quality bike

Price class: Professional Drive: Belt drive Resistance: Magnetic Seat adjustment: Vertically: 42 cm | Horizontally: 13 cm Handlebar adjustment: Vertically: 15 cm | Horizontally: 14 cm Machine weight: 42 kg Max. user weight: 150 kg Dimensions (LxWxH): 148 x 65 x 129 cm Pedals: SPD combi pedals Display: 3.3", not backlit Transport wheels: Yes Guarantee: 2 years domestic & commercial User manual: PDF

Keiser M3i

The KEISER Indoor Bike M3i is an exclusive and stylish premium spinning bike that exudes high quality in the smallest detail. It has been constructed to suit all sizes of rider and it's easy to adjust both the saddle and handlebars. Unfortunately, the vertical adjustment isn't stepless, which makes it slightly more difficult to find the perfect setting. The M3i has been designed with a top rated flywheel and belt drive, making it extremely quiet. This spinning fitness bike is equipped with a highly advanced exercise computer complete with Bluetooth function. This means that it can be linked to various exercise apps, but also that it supports a wireless pulse strap - although you have to buy this separately. To save on batteries, the display unit's backlighting is only activated when it's sufficiently dark in the room.

The gear control is positioned so that you can easily adjust the resistance with your thumb, which is excellent for an interval workout or during really tough exercise sessions when you really don't want to have to change position. You'll be sitting comfortably throughout the entire session on the well-made and nicely soft saddle. The positioning of the bottle holder could have been better as it can be tricky to reach, particularly when you're exercising hard. However, we like the stable and sensibly positioned tablet shelf. The KEISER Indoor Bike M3i is a stylish, almost maintenance-free and extremely reliable spinning bike. It's primarily aimed at regular and discerning users who are ready to pay the price for top build quality.

Excellent saddletablet shelfexcellent design
Vertical saddle and handlebar adjustment not steplesspoorly positioned bottle holder

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4. FINNLO Speedbike CRS 2

Stable and comfortable with good setting options and exercise computer

Price class: Mid-price Flywheel: 22 kg Drive: Belt Resistance: Stepless adjustment Seat adjustment: Vertically: 26 cm | Horizontally: 6 cm Handlebar adjustment: Vertically: 17 cm | Horizontally: 7 cm Machine weight: 60 kg Max. user weight: 150 kg Dimensions (LxWxH): 140x60x130 cm Pedals: Clips Transport wheels: Yes Guarantee: 3 years

Finnlo Speedbike CRS2

The FINNLO Speedbike CRS 2 is an uncomplicated spinning fitness bike with high build quality and is also very user-friendly. Both handlebars and saddle can be adjusted steplessly, both horizontally and vertically, giving major ergonomic advantages. It's easy to set this home spinning bike up and adjust the settings so that you can quickly get started with your exercise session. The Speedbike CRS 2 is belt driven, which on paper ought to make it very quiet. Unfortunately, it emits a monotonous, irritating noise when you add a bit of resistance, which doesn't occur on its sister models. Positive aspects of the CRS 2 are that it has a high-quality saddle which can also be angled, a water bottle holder and a simple exercise computer. Not all every home exercise bike is equipped with an exercise computer, which gives this model extra points. The exercise computer displays the most essential workout information. Unfortunately, it's not backlit, which means that in a darker room it's difficult to get an overview of your exercise session.

The resistance can be easily adjusted with the stepless adjustment knob, which is useful when you're tired and want the session to be as easy as possible. The positioning of the bottle holder could have been better as it can be tricky to reach, particularly when you're exercising hard. For many people, it's enough to use pedal clips during a spinning session, but for the dedicated spinner we recommend you to go up a price bracket, and for example, to look at the sister model Speedbike CRT, which is equipped with SPD pedals. Overall, the FINNLO Speedbike CRS 2 is comfortable, safe, stable and is aimed at those looking for a simple but high-quality spinning bike.

Stepless adjustment of saddle & handlebarsexercise computer
Display not backlit irritating resistance noise

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5. Bodymax B200

Stylish, robust and stable spinning fitness bike

Price class: Professional Flywheel: 21 kg Drive: Chain Resistance: Stepless Seat adjustment: Vertically: 25 cm | Horizontally: 7 cm Handlebar adjustment: Vertically: 13.5 cm | Horizontally: 6 cm Machine weight: 57 kg Max. user weight: 130 kg Recommended user height: Max 200 cm Dimensions (LxWxH): 114x54x110 cm Pedals: SPD combi pedals Transport wheels: Yes Guarantee: 2 years

Bodymax B200

The Bodymax B200 is a high-quality indoor cycle primarily intended for commercial environments such as gyms. The design is exclusive and stylish. The build quality is very high throughout, which is both visible and tangible. Like the maximum user weight, the machine weight is high and the bike is extremely robust and stable. The saddle is firm without being too hard. The flywheel is substantial and has a high weight, which contributes to excellent resistance dynamics. The resistance system is on the top of the wheel and is quiet. It reacts quickly so you don't need to spin too much to adjust the strength of the resistance. The seat and handlebars can be adjusted easily, both vertically and horizontally to achieve the best sitting position for short people and tall riders. It comes with computer functions that are simple to follow, uncomplicated and shows all the key parameters such as speed, power meter, distance and time. It also supports a wireless pulse belt, but unfortunately, the display isn't backlit. The B200 is expensive, but it also gives you a whole lot of spinning cycle for the money paid.

Stylish designrobust & stablequiet
Display not backlit

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6. Proform Indoor Bike Tour de France 2.0

Solid bike for realistic cycle training

Price class: Professional Resistance: Stepless Adjustment: Vertically & horizontally Machine weight: 66 kg Dimensions (LxWxH): 157x64x143 cm Pedals: Standard pedals with foot strap Display: 6.9" backlit multi-colour Transport wheels: Yes Guarantee: 2 years domestic use User manual: PDF (English)

Pro-Form Tour De France

The Proform Indoor Bike Tour de France 2.0 is an advanced spinning bike created to give the user training that's as realistic as possible. It's constructed with digital gears positioned in the same place as on a real bike, on the handlebars. It can simulate downhill and uphill cycling by tilting the bike, which makes training feel more realistic. The exercise computer is compatible with various apps which mean that you can cycle a number of pre-set virtual training routes via different maps. The idea of the product is exciting but it falls on the finish line because the screen isn't sufficiently good and because the range of virtual training routes is still rather underdeveloped. The routes we tested skipped quite a lot and didn't add anything extra to the training. It's fiddly to adjust the saddle and handlebars on the bike because you need to use a hex key for each one, just like on a real bike. Because it's constructed with magnetic resistance and has a top quality flywheel, the Tour de France 2.0 is all but silent.

The Proform Indoor Bike Tour de France 2.0 has a high quality saddle with a hardness aimed at seasoned cyclists. But for others it will probably be perceived as far too hard and perhaps even painful. For some incomprehensible reason the bike doesn't have SPD pedals, which is a huge weakness in a cycle in this price class. Overall, the Proform Indoor Bike Tour de France 2.0 is an innovative bike that takes your indoor training out onto the street and a little bit closer to reality. It's aimed at frequent cyclists who appreciate details that you only normally find on real bikes.

Appealing design, advanced exercise computer
Fiddly adjustment of saddle and handlebars, no SPD pedals, rock hard saddle

7. Bodymax B2

Stable spinning bike with stylish design, high maximum weight and exercise computer included

Price class: Budget Flywheel: 13 kg Drive: Chain Resistance: Stepless Seat adjustment: Vertically: 20 cm | Horizontally: 8 cm Handlebar adjustment: Vertically: 12.5 cm | Horizontally: 0 cm Q factor: 21.5 cm Machine weight: 34 kg Max. user weight: 125 kg Recommended user height: Max 185 cm Dimensions (LxWxH): 107x51x115 cm Pedals: Standard Transport wheels: Yes Guarantee: 2 years

Bodymax B2

The Bodymax B2 is a very good value for money budget class model, with an exclusive design for its class. The construction is stable despite its low machine weight, and the build quality good in relation to the price tag. The maximum user weight is high and the guarantee period longer than average. The exercise computer is very simple, but the fact that you get an exercise computer at all on a budget model is good. The saddle is more of exercise bike type than spinning bike type and it would need to be possible to raise it a little further to suit tall users better.

The resistance system is rather insensitive, and you have to turn the control a few more times to get a response. This is rather distracting when you're in the middle of a demanding spinning session. The flywheel is light for an indoor cycle but also normal for a budget model. The dynamics in the resistance system are equally perfectly acceptable.

Stylish designstableexercise computer included
Insensitive resistance system"exercise bike like" saddle

8. BH Fitness SB 1.4

Ergonomic, robust and stable spinning bike

Price class: Mid-price Flywheel: 18 kg Drive: Belt Resistance: Stepless Adjustment: Saddle: Vertically & horizontally | Handlebars: Vertically & horizontally Machine weight: 39 kg Max. user weight: 110 kg Dimensions (LxWxH): 104x49x117 cm Pedals: Combi Fixed hub: Yes Transport wheels: Yes Guarantee: 2 years

BH Fitness SB1.4

The SB 1.4 is a mid-price class spinning exercise bike from Spanish manufacturer BH Fitness, one of the world's foremost brands within exercise machines. The machine weight is relatively low for the price class, as is the maximum user weight, but the bike feels both clearly robust and stable. The flywheel weight is under the average for this price class too, but the resistance still feels good. Both saddle and handlebars boast good ergonomics and designed so they can can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. Together this makes possible a number of different sitting positions. This is particularly important during longer training sessions. The pedals have clips and durable pedal straps, but unfortunately you can't "click in" to them with normal cycling shoes.

Traditionally, spinning bikes haven't had exercise computers, but simple ones have become increasingly common in recent years. The SB 1.4 has one, with a small display and a simple interface which shows the most elementary information of your cycling routine. The display is not backlit, which makes it difficult to read in darker conditions. The design feels modern and the red colour gives the bike added character.

Ergonomic saddle & handlebarsrobust & stableattractive design
Machine and flywheel weight below average for the price tag

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9. Bodymax B15

Robust, easy-to-move spinning bike with high maximum user weight and a good saddle

Price class: Budget Flywheel: 18 kg Drive: Chain Resistance: Stepless Seat adjustment: Vertically: 20 cm | Horizontally: 8 cm Handlebar adjustment: Vertically: 12.5 cm | Horizontally: 0 cm Machine weight: 41 kg Max. user weight: 125 kg Dimensions (LxWxH): 120x55x120 cm Pedals: Standard Transport wheels: Yes Guarantee: 2 years

Bodymax B15

The B15 is a mid-price class model from British manufacturer Bodymax. The construction looks surprisingly substantial for the price class and the bike definitely feels stable, even during tougher sessions. Despite this, the machine weight is moderate, which makes it easier to move the spinning bike. At the same time, the flywheel weight is in line with what you'd expect of a model of this price, and it contributes to a completely acceptable resistance. The maximum user weight is high. The actual resistance system applies the brakes to the flywheel from above, which many people prefer to a lateral action. The saddle feels just right in terms of firmness, and the handlebars have good grips to maintain the perfect hand positions.

The handlebars can't be adjusted horizontally but only vertically, and it's also rather fiddly to change the height. Above all, the handlebars are too high to be on a spinning bike – even at their lowest height setting. This can mean that you can't lean as far forwards as you'd like.

Robusthigh maximum user weightgood saddle
Slightly high handlebarshandlebars not adjustable horizontally

Everything about spinning exercise bikes

Spinning exercise bikes are now a common sight in most gyms, where they are used for spinning classes, which are instructor-led group training sessions. In recent years, spinning bikes have also become increasingly popular in apartment home gyms for personal exercise sessions. Increasing numbers of the exercise bikes sold for domestic use today are spinning bikes. There are undoubtedly several reasons for this, but an important factor seems to be that so many people are now familiar with spinning bikes from the gym and want to incorporate them in their home workout sessions. Another reason is because they offer a cardiovascular workout without impact to joints, making them suitable for those with knee pain. If you've got used to the spinning bike's bicycle-like, stepless resistance, and perhaps also to the higher exercise tempo, a traditional exercise bike can feel rigid and boring.

Differences compared to an exercise bike

So, what differentiates a spinning bike from an exercise bike? Perhaps the clearest difference is that spinning bikes have a different type of resistance to exercise bikes. The resistance on both types of bike is generated by a flywheel, and on spinning bikes this is significantly more substantial than on an exercise bike. And it's partly to cope with the bigger loads from the heavier flywheel that the frame on a spinning bike is generally significantly more robust and stable than the one on an exercise bike. But it's also so that the spinning bike can cope with tougher use, such as standing in the pedals to cycle instead of sitting down.

The resistance of the exercise bike is regulated electronically via buttons on a control panel, while the spinning bike's resistance is regulated manually by turning a knob. The spinning bike has a more natural-feeling resistance which is like riding a bicycle up and downhill, and this is simply not the same on an exercise bike. Unlike the exercise bike's resistance, the spinning bike's resistance doesn't require any power, which means that you can position the bike more easily as you don't need power cables or proximity to a power outlet. Nor does a spinning bike usually have an exercise computer to keep track of calories, pulse, distance etc. Motivation and tempo are instead maintained by cycling to music, with the rhythm deciding the exerciser’s tempo. However, you can buy a simple exercise computer as an accessory for some spinning bikes, and the more top rated models include one. To ensure the best possible exercise position, on a good spinning bike you can adjust both saddle and handlebars in terms of height as well as forwards and backwards. On an exercise bike you can normally only adjust the height of the saddle.

Choosing the right spinning bike

Our test of spinning bikes includes the most popular spinning bikes just now, but also some exciting new products. If you have decided to buy a spinning bike, you first need to think about how you will use it.

To decide which model is best for your needs, you should ask yourself a few basic questions:

  • How often will I use the spinning bike?
  • What expectations do I have in terms of performance, functionality and quality?
  • How much can I spend on a spinning bike?

When you have come up with the answers to these questions, you've got closer to choosing the spinning bike that's exactly right for you. We have divided the different models into three price classes as follows:

The "Budget" class: Less than £400

The simplest home exercise bike can be found in this price class and the most suited for beginners. With lower flywheel and machine weights, they aren't as stable and robust as more expensive models. The saddle can often be adjusted both vertically and horizontally, but the handlebars can usually only be adjusted vertically. The average budget model is quite simply less comfortable than more expensive spinning bikes, but often still makes effective exercise possible.

The "Mid-price" class: £400-800

This price class is characterised by heavier, more stable and more resistant models with more substantial flywheels and higher machine weights. Normally you can adjust both saddle and handlebars both horizontally and vertically for the best exercise position. The mid-price class is the most popular price class, as the higher price buys a more high-quality bike. At the same time the price tag is within reach of the average consumer.

The "Professional" class: More than £800

This exclusive price class is characterised by very high-quality and well-built models which cope with hard, frequent and long-term use for long-term benefits. Materials and construction are usually of stellar quality. The machine weight is usually high or very high, as is the flywheel weight. Together with the exceptional stability, good adjustment options and a very good resistance system, the professional models aren't merely the most resistant but also the most comfortable. We have scored each home exercise bike according to value for money and the score therefore reflects how much value we think you get for your purchase.

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