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Washing machine: 4 models in test

Is it time to replace your washing machine? We continuously test new washing machines from brands such as Bosch, Miele and Cylinda. In order for a washing machine to be the best in test, it must wash well in all situations, be competent at spinning, and at the same time not be a waster of energy.

How we performed the test

We test all products ourselves and use them in everyday life as they are intended to be used. This means that we place the washing machine in a normal home, where it is evaluated over a period of several months. The testers belong to our team of in-house reviewers, and the entire test is project managed by the same editor.

We consider a number of factors when testing washing machines, but some of the most important are:

  • Washing result: How clean is your laundry? What kind of dirt does the washing machine have any difficulty with? What is required for the laundry to be cleaned? How well does the machine spin? Is there any difference in the result depending on whether you run a full machine or a half-full machine?
  • User-friendliness: Which programmes can you to choose between when washing? How long does a standard program take? Does the time match reality? Is the washing machine easy to understand?
  • Power consumption: How much energy does the washing machine consume, and is the energy rating good enough in terms of how much the machine costs?

We weigh these factors and more – such as construction quality, warrantees, installation and maintenance – against the price of the washing machine. The final rating reflects how affordable the product is.


A really great washing machine worth its price

Type: Front-loaded Capacity: 9 kg Energy rating: B Programs: 14 Drum volume: 68 l Spinning speed: 1400 WiFi: No Other: Steam function


LG FV50VNS3E is a very humanely priced washing machine in terms of its features and performance. It has a wide range of programs with clearly approved wash times – for example, a standard 40 program takes just over 1.5 hours, while a 60 program takes just over 15 minutes more than that. Before starting, the machine specifies how long the program will take, and this estimate is usually correct by the minute.

Washes really well

Wash result is above expectations. As long as it’s you have the type of laundry and stains that an average family has, it can remove them. Of course, there are certain types of stains that must always be pretreated, but this applies to all machines.

For example, we tested washing children’s clothes after an accident had occurred, and did the laundry at 40 degrees without fabric softener (as in this case the clothes could not be washed warmer than that). Out came a completely clean wash without any unpleasant odours. This impressed us a lot and also shows how incredibly competent the washing machine is at rinsing the laundry. The same thing was seen when we washed clothes that had been in the sandpit.

FV50VNS3E has another really strong advantage, as it turns itself off when the laundry is finished. First it plays a melody, then it stops sounding and switches off after a while.

Another plus is the edge of the drum. It rarely sticks to socks or anything else after the wash is finished and removed, everything falls to the bottom so that you can easily remove it.

The construction quality is high. It is possible that you have to press quite hard for it to react, but it gives a sound of confirmation, so you won't miss it, and this is a very small criticism of an otherwise brilliant washing machine.

LG FV50VNS3E is suitable for those who want a washing machine that always cleans, spins and rinses brilliantly, and whose construction quality and program range is solid. The family with children that wants to have their laundry done quickly, and that never wants to have to rewash the laundry.

Very good washing & rinsing resultshigh construction qualityspins excellentlyautomatic shut-off
Slightly stiff buttons

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2. Miele W1

High construction quality, energy saving, and good washing results

Type: Front-loaded Energy rating: A Capacity: 8 kg Programs: 14 Drum volume: 63 l Spinning speed: 1400 WiFi: Yes

Miele W1 is a premium washing machine whose user-friendliness and construction quality are striking. It is of course made of plastic and metal parts, like all washing machines. But it is solid plastic, and it has a well-functioning touch display and a well-thought-out design with user-friendly details.

For example, if you need to remove the entire detergent container, there is a yellow-marked lever at the end of it, so that you can clearly see where to push. The same applies if you need to open the door lock in an emergency. The display has an easy-to-read layout, so it is easy to understand what the icons mean and which settings have been chosen.

The washing result is good. It has no problem cleaning normal stains or clothes that have started smelling. The wrinkle-free programme also gives good results, but you should not fill the washing machine too much for this. The result is better if you leave more room for the garments to move.

W1 may have good washing results, but it has a lot of work to do when it comes to the combination of emptying and spinning. It doesn't always have time to spin out the water, so on several occasions we had to rerun the spinning cycle to achieve good results. If you want to avoid this, do not load the Miele W1 completely full; leave some extra space to get a good spin.

App connected

W1 is available in slightly different versions. We tested the WCD 670 WCS. It is connected to your wireless network and can also be connected to Miele’s T1 tumble dryer, so that they work together for the best washing and drying results. The app is easy to use, but for some reason we didn't get notifications when the wash was done.

One advantage of the Wi-Fi connection is that some services and troubleshooting can be performed remotely.

The installation of the Miele's washing machine is done by authorised personnel. In order for the warranty to be valid, the pipe to which the washer is connected must be at a specific angle, which is not required by other manufacturers. This means an additional cost for some consumers.

That said, the installation is otherwise smooth and the washing machine can be pillar-mounted.

This washing machine qualifies for energy class A, which is positive for both the environment and your electricity bill.

Miele W1 is suitable for those of you who prioritise high construction quality and want a washing machine and tumble dryer that can communicate with each other for the best washing results.

High construction qualitygood washing resultsuser-friendly
Not premium quality of spinning resultrequires special installation for warranty

3. Bosch Series 6

Excellent washing results and spinning

Type: Front-loaded Energy rating: C Capacity: 9 kg Programs: 13+4 Drum volume: 63 l Spinning speed: 400-1400 WiFi: Yes Other: Automatic dosing of detergent

Bosch Serie | 6 WAU28UI8SN

Bosch Series 6 is a modern washing machine with many cool functions and excellent washing results. The laundry is fresh and clean. It smells good even if we wash tough laundry, such as stinky sportswear, etc. without fabric softener and with perfume-free detergent.

The entire load is always thoroughly centrifuged after washing – there are no drops or the like from garments at the bottom.

The model we tested also has I-dos functionality for both detergent and fabric softener. This means that you fill up areas with liquid detergent and fabric softener, and then dose it yourself as required. We’ve tested it both with and without it, and both work well.

Complex for the average user

The major disadvantage of Bosch is how complex and messy it is from a user perspective. For a user who is not so technical, the display provides far too much information and is messy without actually providing particularly valuable information at all.

The screen is just a substitute for buttons, it does not display any supporting data or information. Bosch does not use it well. For example, there are a lot of icons, but it is not clear what they mean. You need to be well informed and understand what each icon means. In addition, the icons for i-dos light up red when activated, green would have been a more logical choice of colour.

Our test model had app support, and this is the first time we have experienced that it actually provides greater user-friendliness. Partly because the display on the machine is so messy, and then there is a button that makes the machine completely controlled from the mobile phone which is a big plus. The app also includes a wizard where you can indicate what type of textiles you intend to wash and what type of soiling (fat, oil, blood and tea) you have – then it suggests a programme. It notifies you via push notification when it is ready.

The screen and the app connection have sometimes malfunctioned. When we came down, the machine said it was finished, but it looked like it had not been run. Furthermore, it can sometimes be difficult to make contact via the app.

The standard 40 degree programme takes 3 hours and 28 minutes. There are quick programs that take 1 hour and 30 minutes, but then more electricity and water are used and the washing machine does not use a full drum. If you're not in a hurry, the longer programme is a better option.

Bosch Series 6 is a very quiet washing machine. It has a child lock, which is also good.

Once you have learned the Bosch Series 6, it is approved. But in terms of price, there are a few things we lack. It’s primarily a washing machine you buy for its great washing results, and the handy app.

Very good washing resultsspins excellentlygood use of the appsilent
Complex & messy displaynot very time-efficientbugs in screen & app

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4. Cylinda FT 5484X

Type: Front-loaded Energy rating: C Capacity: 8 kg Programs: 16 Drum volume: 55 l Spinning speed: 1400 WiFi: No (Bluetooth)

Cylinda FT 5484

Cylinda FT 5484X is a washing machine with 16 selectable programs and a washing capacity of up to 8 kg.

The washing result is really good. We think it does a good job of removing stains. The laundry is thoroughly clean and is usually well rinsed. Unfortunately, the washing programs take quite a long time. All programs are somewhat time-inefficient compared to some other machines in the same price class. For example, a standard 40 program takes 2 hours and 40 minutes, the 60 program takes just over 3 hours.

What we like, on the other hand, is how easy it is to time-adjust different programs to express wash if, for example, the machine is not completely full, which is a good function as it to some extent weighs up for those who think that the washing machine is a little slow and who may not always be running a full machine.

Another good feature when it comes to this point is the delayed start. On most washing machines, you set a start time, where you decide when the laundry should be finished. This way, you can throw your laundry into the machine in the morning and have it ready-washed just in time for you to come home from work.

One of the biggest drawbacks of this washing machine is its noise level. The spinning is worst, here one door between and insulated walls is not enough, we heard it enough to disturb us anyway. But even when it’s washing it makes a lot of noise, it has a rattling sound at the beginning of the wash programmes that can irritate sensitive ears.

Easy to use via the display

The Cylinda FT 5484X is operated via a touch display. The display is easy to read and the machine is user-friendly. The only thing we have to note here is that it is not entirely clear what is touch buttons and what is pure text.

Like many modern mid-range washing machines, the FT 5484X comes with app support. This means that you can start the washing machine from your mobile phone. However, the connection is made via bluetooth, so you must still be close by. That’s why we think the app support is completely unnecessary. We would rather have seen connection via Wi-Fi, or no connection at all and instead a lower price tag.

Good washing resultsspins wellsome really good features
Bit by bit very loudbluetooth for connectionnot very time efficient

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