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Leaf Blowers Dewalt DCV100

Dewalt DCV100

Cordless Battery powered Leaf Blower, 18 V





A leaf blower is powered by an engine that sits inside the leaf blower, and it drives in air which is then carried out through the nozzle of the leaf blower at a high pressure. This allows you to move leaves from the lawn or driveway.

Usually, gasoline-powered leaf blowers have a two-stroke engine, which means you should choose oil-mixed fuel. Many recommend alkylate gasoline. However, you should read the manual for your particular model to see what kind applies to your particular leaf blower.

The price of leaf blowers varies depending on the power source, engine strength and size. You will find simpler models for around 30–40 £. If you are going to have a slightly more powerful model, you will have to pay a bit more. Powerful fuel-driven models are around 250 £.


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