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Chainsaws Stihl GTA 26

Stihl GTA 26

Chainsaw, Bar Length 10cm, 10.8V



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First of all, you should read the manual that you get with it when you buy the chainsaw, where the manufacturer specifies which gasoline to use for your particular saw. It usually is alkylate gasoline, as it is the one that is the kindest to the environment.

It depends on what you're going to use the saw for. If it is going to be used for wood cutting and small trees, electric and battery-powered chainsaws are quite enough, but if you are going to fell coarser trees, it is important that you choose one powerful enough. A gasoline-powered model would be a good option then. You can find chainsaws under a hundred pounds, but there are also more powerful and advanced models for a couple of hundred punds. Think about your budget, what you should mainly use the saw for and feel free to read our test of chainsaws to get some help along the way.

Please read our test of chainsaws to see which model we have chosen to be the best in the test. There you can compare different models and get tips on how to think when choosing which model suits you best.

3 tips for buying a chainsaw

When it comes to chainsaws, it's all about how you plan to use them. Whether you're cutting down branches or felling entire trees, you need to have the right tool for the job.

For lighter work, such as clearing small trees or branches, you don't need a powerful petrol chainsaw. Instead, consider a battery-powered or corded model. The blade length determines the size of the branches and trees you can cut. For light clearing work, a blade length of 30 centimetres or less should suffice, as it allows for better maneuverability and a lighter saw.

For heavier and longer work, a petrol-powered chainsaw is often the better choice. These machines are usually heavier and require more oil, but are also capable of tackling larger trees and tougher jobs.

Clearing work with chainsaws can be challenging, so consider your own physical abilities when choosing a saw. If you're using a heavy or powerful chainsaw, it can quickly tire you out and make the job more difficult, as well as increase the risk of accidents.

The saw vibrates when you saw trees or branches, which in turn causes your arms and hands to shake too. This can make the task more tiring and even lead to injuries if you're exposed to it for too long. So look for chainsaws that come with a vibration-reducing function, like rubber handles or anti-vibration technology.

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