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Steppers Homcom Portable Mini Stepper

Homcom Portable Mini Stepper


Robert Dyas
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Three tips when buying a stepper

Think about what kind of step machine you want (and which is most reasonable for your wallet). Remember that it needs to fit in your home, and that it should give you the exercise you are looking for.

  • A mini stepper is the simplest model. It is a small step machine and is therefore suitable for home use. It is also a good choice for beginners. On the other hand, it often has a slightly lower

maximum weight, so check this before you buy.

  • A stepmill is designed as an escalator on which you can adjust the speed. It provides really good exercise, but takes up a lot of space and often costs more than other models.
  • A vertical stairclimbing machine is similar to climbing. Even your arms will get involved, so you get a full body workout. Often, these variants also cost a little more.

Choose a step machine with different types of resistance, so you can adjust it to how hard you want to exercise. Many people prefer a step machine with handles. This allows you to focus on stepping rather than on balancing, which is good when you want to exercise a little more intensively. And if you want to exercise your bottom, choose a step machine with a twist function that helps you to exercise your bottom better.

Not all step machines are as advanced, and some come with certain extra functions, depending on the variant and model. Those of you who like statistics should look for a step machine with a training computer to provide you with various types of data, such as how long your workout lasted, how many steps you took, and at what speed. Some models can log the data, so you can compare it over time.

Many step machines are made of hard plastic, but you get the best durability if you choose one made from aluminium or another metal.

We've found a page for you with several different workouts at a stepper, check it out.

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