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Mepra 8-Piece Easy Box Everyday Gourmet 4 Plus Cooking Set

Mepra 8-Piece Easy Box Everyday Gourmet 4 Plus Cooking Set

Fantasia Non Stick Frying Pan With Green HandleA Stainless Steel Frying Pan with ceramic non stick coating and bright fun handles available in 3 colours and 3 sizes. Choose from Green, Purple and Black in sizes 20cm, 24cm, 28cm.These fantastic frying pans from Mepra are made of 18/10 stainless steel with a thermic 3ply bottom. The handles are anti grip, they do not get hot while cooking and are dishwasher safe.The eco ceramic surface of these pans has excellent heat resistance and strength, so you can cook at higher tempretures, which means a shorter cooking time and saves energy. Flavours will not be transfered food to food because they are not absorbed by the pan. They are enviromently friendly and contain no PFOA or PTFE in the ceramic coating and are suitable for Induction Hobs.Non Stick Ceramic Frying PansCan Be used on Induction Hobs18/10 Stainless Steel3 Colour options: Green, Purple, Black3 Size options 20cm, 24cm, 28cmMEPRA, was founded in 1947, but the Prandelli family started business long before then. The three Prandelli brothers, Bortolo, Francesco and Giovanbattista, built the first factory in 1901, directly beside the river. This allowed them to run machinery by use of a water mill.They worked metals as subcontractors and then, during the 30's and the Second World War, produced bullets for the Italian army.After the war, it was necessary to reconvert the production, and the three sons of Giovanbattista founded MEPRAMEPRA stands for 'Metallurgica Prandelli' and its founders were the three brothers Pietro, Felice and Giacomo.They built a new and modernized plant in the upper side of the valley to produce aluminum and brass flatware. These raw materials were available in great quantities after the war.Each of the three brothers was responsible for a different function: Giacomo for the production, Felice for the sales, and Pietro, who was previously a school teacher, for accounting. In 1950 the Prandelli brothers decided to convert the production to 18/10


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