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Trampolines Plum Fun Springsafe Trampoline 244cm + Safety Net

Plum Fun Springsafe Trampoline 244cm + Safety Net

Trampoline, Round, Incl. Safety Net

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Three tips when buying a trampoline

The choice of size when buying a trampoline depends on several factors. One factor is how much space you have in the garden or wherever you intend on placing the trampoline. Remember to place the trampoline on a flat surface with no obstacles nearby.

A larger jumping surface can contribute to a better bounce if the jumper weighs enough, but it can also have the opposite effect if the jumper weighs too little.

However, if you know that there are times when there will be several people jumping at the same time – even if the recommendation is to jump alone – it may be worth investing in a slightly larger model.

Generally, trampolines can be divided into three price categories:

  • Budget: Often, simpler and less robust models can be an option for those who suspect that the trampoline will not be used for too long. Budget models often cost between SEK 3,000–6,500.

  • Medium: Bigger, more robust trampolines with more durability. A big plus is that the slightly higher price tag usually means a higher level of safety. You will have to pay between SEK 6,500 and 10,000 for these models.

  • Premium: Large and well-built trampolines that can withstand several years of use without repair. The well thought-out design of these models also means a high level of safety. Premium models are recommended for gymnasts, or those who want to develop their jumping technique, and they have an approximate price range of £8000–£1,200.

Different models are built in different ways, but there are some safety features that are especially important to consider in order to make the jumping as safe as possible:

  • Safety net: To prevent the jumper from falling off the trampoline, safety netting is important. Make sure it is properly attached and anchored, and that the opening can be closed properly.

  • Padded poles: Minimise the risk of accidents with padded poles. Also make sure that there are no protruding screws or the like that could cause injury.

  • Edge protection: Edge protection is essential for safe jumping. Make sure that the protection covers the frame, springs, and spring brackets properly. It is also important that the cover is sufficiently shock-absorbent.

If your trampoline ever needs a good cleaning, read this guide for some tips on how to do that.

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