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Trampolines Plum Fun Springsafe Trampoline 244cm + Safety Net

Plum Fun Springsafe Trampoline 244cm + Safety Net

Trampoline, Round, Incl. Safety Net

John Lewis & Partners
in 3 stores


It all depends on the size of the area where you will be placing the trampoline. It needs to be placed on a flat grassy surface with no large obstacles around; this is especially important if you’re purchasing a trampoline without a safety net. A larger trampoline is safer if multiple people intend to use it at the same time because the risk of crashing into each other is lower.

There are different sizes of trampolines, but if we assume you’re looking for a full-size trampoline, you can find models ranging in price from £100 to over £3,000. Today, trampolines are often sold for the purpose of giving the children something to play with in the garden, and a lot of people prefer purchasing a budget trampoline for a few hundred pounds for this purpose.

There is no one trampoline that suits everyone – it all depends on factors such as how much space you have, what your budget is and how many people will use it.

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