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Three tips for buying a wood stove

There are different types of wood-burning fireplaces to suit different needs:

  • Metal fireplace: A metal fireplace is relatively easy to install and heats up quickly. Value-for-money versions are also available, and do not require any particularly strenuous maintenance. The disadvantage of the metal fireplace is that it cools down quite quickly, and the heating effect is therefore lower compared to other types of fireplaces.

  • Cast iron fireplace: The classic cast iron fireplace epitomises a wood-burning fireplace. This type of fireplace provides quick heating and is available in cooktop versions, allowing you to e.g. bake on your fireplace. Smaller varieties require frequent feeding to keep the flame alive, and they also cool down quite quickly.

  • Soapstone fireplace: A soapstone fireplace has the main advantage of retaining heat very effectively. This is because the heat is stored in the material itself. A sufficiently large soapstone fireplace can even replace all other heating in a building entirely. But these are expensive fireplaces that also take up a lot of space.

  • Fireplace insert: If you already have a fireplace, you can add a so-called fireplace insert. This gives you more efficient combustion and better heating. But it doesn't look as cosy as an open fire.

There are wood-burning fireplaces that carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. These fireplaces produce lower emissions of hazardous substances and are manufactured in a sustainable way.

A wood-burning fireplace should preferably be placed in a large room with free circulation. You should be aware that the floor and wall may need to be protected against fire. Also check that the floor can handle the weight. A wood-burning fireplace can weigh a lot.

At Health and Safety Executive you can read about things to consider from a safety standpoint.

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