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Gas Fires Heatsure Butane 4.2Kw

Heatsure Butane 4.2Kw

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Three tips before buying a gas stove

The nature and location of the space are the two most important factors when choosing the size of your gas stove. For a space of around 40 square metres, we recommend a stove with a capacity of 4 kW. For small spaces of around 4 square metres, an output of around 500 watts is enough. Of course, more power is required if the stove is placed in an unheated conservatory or used to complement other heat sources in a living room.

  • Flame failure device: Most gas stoves have a flame failure device, but double check to make sure. This will stop the gas supply if the flame goes out.

  • Carbon dioxide monitor: Gas stoves affect the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, and a carbon dioxide monitor will switch off the stove if this amount becomes too high.

  • Electric fan: An electric fan distributes the heat better in the room.

Before you buy a gas stove, check that the ventilation in your home is adequate. Otherwise, there is a risk of the oxygen levels in your home becoming dangerously low.

Safety is of course crucial when it comes to installing anything that is run by gas in you home. Read more at this gas fire appliance guide.

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