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Lloytron Daybreak

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I-BOX Bedside Wireless

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3 tips when shopping for an alarm clock

A light clock, or wake-up light, mimics a sunrise to wake you up gradually with increasing light and sound. Light clocks have many benefits, but if you're sensitive to light, you might wake up earlier than planned. They can play the sounds of nature or chirping birds instead of a typical alarm sound. For music lovers, we suggest a clock radio.

If you struggle to wake up, special alarm clocks emit an extra loud sound and vibration via a puck under the pillow. Some have flying or rolling parts that only stop when you catch them. Many also have the option of setting two alarms at the same time, which is perfect for snoozers.

The best alarm clock is easy to use even in the middle of the night. Consider a digital clock with an illuminated screen or projector to show you the time in the dark. If you prefer an analogue clock, go for the one with a silent hand movement to avoid the ticking noise keeping you awake.

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