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Food Steamers Russell Hobbs Food Collection Compact

Russell Hobbs Food Collection Compact

Food Steamer, Automatic Shutdown, Timer, 7L

Robert Dyas
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3 things to consider before buying a food steamer

It's simpler if the steamer has parts that can be taken apart and washed, ideally in the dishwasher. So, check the cleaning instructions after use. For instance, some bamboo types need to be washed by hand.

There are various steamer options out there. Here are 3 features that we reckon make a steamer extra useful:

  • A multi-level steamer lets you cook several ingredients simultaneously. This saves time and prevents the mess of mixing everything in the same basket.

  • A rice container means you can cook rice alongside the other ingredients.

  • A timer lets you go off and do other stuff while the food cooks, as the steamer will let you know when it's ready to serve.

Think about how you'll store the steamer. If you plan on using it every day, you might want to have it on your kitchen counter. In this case, pick one that doesn't take up loads of space and looks good, so you'll enjoy seeing it. If you're going to store it in a kitchen cupboard when it's not being used, make sure it'll fit there.

Wondering what to cook in your new steamer? Head over to BBC Good Food for some scrumptious steamed food recipes.

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