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Slow Cookers Crock Pot 4,7 L Digital Slow Cooker

Crock Pot 4,7 L Digital Slow Cooker

Slow Cooker, Display, Dishwasher Safe, Oven Safe, Keep Warm Function, Timer, 4.7L





A slow cooker is an electric device that consists of an external heating container and an internal pan for cooking. The pan is heated up by the heating element. A slow cooker also has a lid to keep heat and liquid in the pan, and so in the food. As steam is formed, the liquid drips back into the pan.

A slow cooker cooks food at a low temperature for a long time. The pan never boils, but rather simmers for several hours. This means that you can leave it to cook more or less unattended.

If you want to know more about slow cookers, you should take a look at our test of slow cookers.

If you enjoy slow cooked food, then a slow cooker is a really good investment. What makes a slow cooker so useful is that once you’ve started a meal, the slow cooker takes over and does the work for you. Because it cooks food at such a low temperature, it is relatively independent and you don’t have to worry about something burning.

Cooking food at a low temperature for a long time usually improves the flavours and also makes any meat really tender and tasty.

Which size is best depends a lot on how many people you plan to cook for, and what type of food you plan to cook. If you’re going to cook many large pieces of meat, or something like a large joint of pork, it’s obviously important that the food fits.

If you're planning to cook stews instead, a slightly smaller version may work well. But if you want to be certain to fit in big pieces of meat or make large batches, it’s a good idea to look at the larger models, which are usually around 6 litres.