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Australian Bodycare Body Lotion 250ml and Bodycare Skin Wash 250ml Bundle

Australian Bodycare Body Lotion 250ml and Bodycare Skin Wash 250ml Bundle

Cleanse and care for your body with Australian Bodycare Body Lotion and Bodycare Skin Wash Bundle. The non-drying collection of products strive to replenish and revitalise stressed skin, leaving the body feeling clean, fresh and silky smooth. The Set Contains Body Lotion (250ml) Nourish and nurture with this cooling body lotion. An antiseptic formula, the body cream is enriched with natural Tea Tree Oil to sooth irritation, inflammation or sensitivity. The gentle ingredients harness replenishing properties to hydrate and revive thirsty, dull skin. Rejuvenating and replenishing, the lightweight lotion delicately moisturises rough, dry areas while working to retain natural moisture levels, promoting a velvety-smooth finish post-application. The pump-dispenser makes for easy application as well as limiting unnecessary waste of the product. Skin Wash (250ml) Gently cleanse and replenish skin with Australian Bodycare’s delicate skin wash. The comforting solution produces a creamy lather, designed to protect the spreading of unhelpful bacteria and leave skin with a nurtured and refreshed feel. Infused with Tea Tree Oil, the calming ingredients nourish rough or dry areas, promoting a soft and supple texture to the body when rinsed. An antiseptic and non-drying formula, the all-over soap is delicate enough to use every day without stripping skin of its natural moisture levels.


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