Updated 9 March 2022

Top 7 Best body lotion of 2022

Looking to tackle some stubborn dry skin? Our team has been testing the best body lotions to uncover the best skin products in 2021 for glowing and re-hydrated skin. We’ve considered everything from long-term results to convenient packaging, and of course, price tags. Softer and more beautiful skin is just one buyer guide away.

Read our review on the best body lotions and upgrade your skin routine this year!

Top 7 Best body lotion of 2022

How we did the test

Our tests are independently conducted and reflect the test editor's honest and objective opinions. Selection of products and test results are in no way influenced by manufacturers, retailers or other internal or external parties.

We performed our body lotion tests ourselves and tested all products as they are intended to be used. The skin creams in the test have been used by consumers who have dry skin. Several of the creams have been tested by people with dry and dehydrated skin and even atopic eczema. The products were used over the long-term, during winter and summer.

  • Use: How easy is it to apply the cream or lotion, and how nice does it feel on the skin? Is the packaging easy to use, and does it wear well over time? How long does one container or tube last?

  • Stickiness: Is the lotion absorbed quickly and easily, or does it require a little more work? How does the skin feel immediately after use – sticky or moisturised? Will it still work on oily skin?

Our score was based on the overall experience and the results of each individual test. This is then weighed up against the price of the cream and a final score was given.

1. Eucerin AtoControl Body Care Lotion – BEST CHOICE BODY LOTION 2022

Remarkably effective and soothing moisturiser

Formula: Lotion Price class: Medium

Eucerin AtoControl Body Care Lotion 400ml

This type of body lotion will never win prizes for the most attractive packaging. But what does that matter when the content works like a dream? Eucerin AtoControl Body Care Lotion is an excellent moisturiser for those on a budget, which isn’t just remarkably effective at adding moisture to dry skin to create a supple skin tone; it soothes itching and has a calming effect over the whole body, even on feet.

With its practical pump bottles, you get the right dose every time, and there’s rarely any waste. The skin really sucks up this cool lotion, which Eucerin themselves call a water-in-oil emulsion. The cream contains soothing Licochalcone A, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient that reduces redness and soothes minor inflammation in the skin.

Eucerin's AtoControl series is specially developed for people with atopic skin and can be used on children from the age of three months. In one of our tests, a child with atopic dermatitis used the product, and despite the fact that the child often complains that creams sting when applied to the skin, this one got a thumbs up. Even the adults were delighted with this skin lotion’s soothing effect.

This product will never sit and gather dust on your shelf. Quite the opposite – you’ll reach for it time and time again. And best of all, it suits the whole family as it’s mild, paraben free, and perfume free, and is also excellent as a back-up hand cream.

Effective moisturisersoothes irritated skinworks on the whole family
No minus points

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2. La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm AP +

Finally! A skin cream for dry skin that’s kind to the most sensitive skin – and recommended by dermatologists!

Formula: Lotion Price class: Medium

La Roche-Posay Lipikar Baume AP+ 400ml

Lipikar is a balm-like lotion for dry skin that’s extremely easy to apply. It has a slightly smoother consistency than a regular body lotion, giving it a different type of glide when applied. It has no perfume included whatsoever, which some people with dry skin prefer.

This isn’t a product that screams elegance and luxury from the bathroom shelf. But it’s difficult to find a cream for women or for men that gives your skin the same treatment that this one does. Developed in consultation with skin experts, it’s so mild that it’s suitable to use on infants too. And that’s one reason why it is recommended by dermatologists!

And on sensitive eczema skin or itchy skin, it’s simply fantastic. It doesn’t sting the way that many other mild creams tend to on irritated and broken skin. The skin immediately feels calmer, and after only a few days of use, there’s a big difference in surface dryness.


Not many body lotions tick off so many wishes all at once: mild, healing, affordable and easy to use – all of which justifies the expression “smooth as a baby's ...” This makes La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm AP+ a clear favourite for use on all types of dry skin, especially itchy skin and even on feet where the skin tends to be drier. Or why not as a hand cream? The possibilities are endless.

Incredibly mild but at the same time effectiveeasy to use
Only the large size has pump packaging

3. EVY Daily Repair Mousse

A multifunctional unscented mousse that will not clog pores and includes healing properties for glowing skin!

Formula: Mousse Price class: Medium

EVY Daily Repair Mousse 100ml

Following the success of Evy's gentle and effective sunscreen, here’s an unscented moisturising mousse that protects not only sensitive dry skin, but skin with eczema and contact allergies. Like Evy's sunscreen products, this is a foam packaged in the same type of bottle that your hair mousse comes in.

While the non greasy mousse is easy to apply from its convenient dispenser bottle, and achieves well-moisturised skin on the body and face, it’s harder to dose correctly than a lotion would be. The nozzle makes it easy to use more product than you really need; it’s difficult to estimate how hard to push the nozzle for the right dose at first, resulting in waste.

However, in other respects, EVY Daily Repair Mousse is a dream product for damaged and delicate skin or sensitive and dry skin. It’s clear that it has been developed with the input of dermatologists. And not even children with the most severe eczema seem to mind being moisturised with this wonderful foam. It also turns out, this product is popular with both kids, teens and 40 year old women alike.

The foam comes into its own with reluctant children. The skin thirstily absorbs Evy and retains a soft feeling – completely free from itching, tingling or stinging. Women going through pregnancy have also showered this body lotion with praise, and so have those using it to protect a new tattoo!

Incredibly good on sensitive skinfun to use mousseworks well as a lotion for after shaving
A little challenging to get the right amount

4. Maria Åkerberg Royal Body Cream

An organic and luxurious skin cream that creates a home spa experience

Formula: Body lotion Price class: Premium

Maria Åkerberg Royal Body Cream 250ml

Maria Åkerberg Royal Body Cream is almost like having a spa experience in a bottle. In short, it’s a body lotion that makes you feel happy when you use it. It’s ideal to stock on a shelf next to your shower, with its promise of a rich and luxurious scent of neroli and patchouli.

This is a lotion that’s so creamy it feels almost fluffy. Yet, at the same time, it’s liquid enough to be worked in quickly. Your skin becomes soft, feels moisturised and stops itching. Royal Body Cream also has a firming effect, but this is difficult to measure objectively. Your skin usually feels significantly more alert after you’ve used it.

Patchouli isn’t necessarily a scent that everyone appreciates. Either you think it’s lovely and smells like the spa (surprisingly, many spa products seem to be scented with patchouli), or you think it smells like hippies from 1968. Royal Body Cream doesn’t smell overwhelmingly strong, but it does have an unmistakable scent that stays with you throughout the day, which (again, if you like patchouli) makes it feel rather exclusive.

This Swedish-made body lotion is organic, which is something that is quite important for many of today’s consumers. Anything that helps to preserve the environment is worth doing. With Maria Åkerberg Royal Body Cream, you smell good, and at the same time, you’ve made a sustainable choice in the beauty jungle.

Luxurious and moisturisingsmells incredibly goodorganic
Expensiveif you don’t like patchouli you should probably try something else

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5. The Body Shop Shea Nourishing Body Butter

Classic body butter that moisturises and smells good – and it’s not tested on animals!

Formula: Butter Price class: Medium

The Body Shop Shea Nourishing Body Butter 200ml

When it comes to body butter, The Body Shop Shea Nourishing Body Butter is a real classic for achieving younger looking skin. The rich and creamy texture with the soft scent of shea makes moisturising feel wonderfully luxurious, while also being cruelty free. Once the skin has absorbed the product, it becomes soft and smooth with a mild and pleasant scent.

However, it’s worth remembering that body butters aren't the most convenient of products. Due to their thick and greasy texture, they almost always come in a jar with a screw cap. Anything else wouldn’t work for this type of cream, but that doesn’t make the jar any easier to handle. If you moisturise with body butter, you should also be aware that it takes longer to work this type of product into your skin. But the result is worth it.

For a luxurious moment in the bathroom, The Body Shop Shea Nourishing Body Butter is a wonderful alternative. And if you don’t like the smell of shea, there are lots of other scents available at The Body Shop in their other gift set options. But none of the others achieve the soft feeling on the skin that Shea Nourishing Body Butter creates. If you don’t have a clear preference between using a body lotion or body butter, considering this product is worthwhile!

Soft and smooth resultssmells nice
Awkward jartakes a while to be absorbed

6. Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Oil

Expensive but luxurious high end oil for the body that smells good!

Formula: Oil Price class: Premium

Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Oil 100ml

Ready to smell like a sunny day on a sandy beach far from home? Then Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Oil could be the perfect choice for you. It’s immediately apparent that this is high end and costs more than your regular lotion. The bottle is made of heavy, frosted red glass. If you look into the bottle, there doesn’t seem to be any liquid inside – and that’s because there isn’t. This oil is solid before being heated up in hot water. You might think that’s a bit strange, but Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Oil is made from coconut oil, so it’s only natural that it solidifies at temperatures below 25 degrees. To turn it into a liquid, simply take it with you into the shower (or the bathtub) while you wash. Then it’s ready to use. And it's worth that extra bit of work.

On the skin, the oil is absorbed easily and quickly. It smells heavenly, of both summer and monoi. Monoi, made from Tahitian gardenias, is not a shy and retiring scent. If you moisturise yourself with this body oil, you won’t need any other perfume as it is packed with a long lasting smell.

But hold your horses, what’s the result like? This oil gives you incredibly soft and supple skin. If you moisturise yourself in the evening, your skin will still be smooth and soft the next morning. But while you might have younger looking skin, your bank balance may not be quite as happy. This is not a budget product. But if you do have the money to spare, it’s worth every penny.

Feels lovelygives really soft skin
The lid is small and fiddlyhigh price

7. Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion

A body lotion to brighten up your everyday life

Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion 200ml

Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion is far from the most luxurious product you can buy for your skin. But compared to many unscented lotions we’ve tried, we have to admit that there is something special about a mildly scented body cream.

Clarins is an easily absorbed body lotion with a scent that’s initially quite strong. But if you just give the cream a couple of minutes to settle down, the scent goes off a lot. Some people say that the scent reminds them of... Well, their grandmothers. And that comparison isn’t entirely unreasonable. Clarins is a brand with a history, and many people in the older age segment have been fans of Clarins for many years. And rightly so – because Clarins deliver reliable and effective products. And this is also true of Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion.

After you’ve applied this body lotion, your skin feels soft and smells nice. The scent is reminiscent of soap, and gives a feeling of freshness that lasts for several hours without feeling overpowering.

Of course, if you have eczema you should avoid this and instead choose an unscented lotion. But if you want something that feels like a touch of luxury with a discreet scent, Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion feels like a good choice.

Absorbed quicklymakes your skin softsmells nice
Relatively expensive

Body lotion Explained

Regardless of the time of year, your skin may need extra moisture. Maybe it feels tight after a day on the beach? Or perhaps it feels dry and pinched on a cold winter’s day? Or maybe it's just a bit itchy? Or if you take a closer look, your skin looks cracked, like a reptile’s skin? Whatever the case, it's time to bring out the heavy artillery and moisturise.

Keeping your skin hydrated is probably the easiest thing to do in terms of beauty care. Rub the cream in, leave it to absorb – done! For some people, moisturising before bedtime is enough. Others need to add more moisture to the skin both morning and evening. Whatever you want or need, we've tested moisturising body lotions that will fulfil all your desires for smooth, soft skin.

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