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Bluetooth Speakers Amazon Echo Dot 5th Generation

Amazon Echo Dot 5th Generation

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3 tips when shopping for bluetooth speakers

To choose the right speaker, think about where you'll be using it:

  • for home use, go for a model with excellent sound quality rather than one that's highly portable or robust.

  • for on-the-go use, like outdoor adventures or travel, choose a speaker that's lightweight, waterproof and portable. You won't need the biggest one, but something small that can handle more intimate settings.

If you're still not sure what speaker is right for you, check out some of the top-rated models at What Hi-Fi?

Poor sound doesn't mean poor volume. If you're listening alone or with a small group, sound quality is more important, but for larger events, volume is key.

To determine a speaker's volume capabilities, check its wattage. And for sound quality, do a little research on comparison pages.

Check if the speaker has these features:

  • an app to monitor battery life and for easy control

  • Bluetooth 4 or higher compatibility for optimal sound quality and battery life for both the speaker and your mobile device

  • USB charger for charging on the go

  • AUX port to save battery life and sometimes sound quality.

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