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BOSKA Partyclette To Go Taste.

BOSKA Partyclette To Go Taste.

With the Partyclette - Cheese Raclette you conjure within 4 minutes your own gourmet feast. Burn tea lights, put the barbeclette on it, add raclette cheese.. done! Practical and compact to bring everywhere you like. The steel frame is made from beautiful mahogany wood. In addition, the raclette contains practical spatula. The spatula fits exactly in the cheese pan, so that you can get the melted cheese completely out of the pan and easily scrape it on a French bread or toast. Nice and simple. , This product is ideal for enjoying Raclette cheese , Material: mahogany, plastic, stainless steel Size: Length: 195 mm Width: 95 mm Height: 50 mm Set contains: 1 Frame 1 Barbeclette 1 Spatula 3 Tea lights Boska article number: 852040 , Pack contains:1 Boska Frame 1 Boska Barbeclette 1 Boska Spatula 3 Boska Tea Lights


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