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Falcon Dominator Plus Chargrill LPG G3925 - GP026-P

Falcon Dominator Plus Chargrill LPG G3925 - GP026-P

Part of the high quality Falcon Dominator Plus range of catering appliances, the Falcon G3925 LPG 900mm chargrill provides excellent results every time. With heavy duty, double sided cast iron brander bars and a large grilling surface, the Falcon chargrill is ideal for preparing succulent steaks, chicken, seafood and vegetables. Its advanced design ensures optimum heat transfer and distribution, meaning even cooking and the perfect finish to your foods. The stainless steel construction and precise adjustable dial controls ensure that the chargrill is both easy to clean and simple to use. Product features High performance cast iron burners and radiants deliver controllable, constant heatIndividual burner control enables the burner to be turned down if not in use, which saves energy and cost. Also allows an area of the chargrill to be cooler than the rest, possibly to cook more delicate foodsReversible brander bars allows food to be cooked on clean bars even during busy service periodsThe brander bars, radiants, splashguard, drip tray, water tray and grease jug are all easily removable which makes cleaning the chargrill easierMaximised cooking area - very little wasted spaceIndividual piezo ignition to each burner provides a reliable and efficient method of lighting at the touch of a button negating the need for naked flamesHeavy duty, cast iron brander bars deliver perfect branding resultsNo charcoal required - radiated cooking means no fumesLeg height adjustable 115mm - 180mm3/4" Gas hose connection BSP Dimensions 655(H) x 900(W) x 770(D)mm Dimensions - cooking area 860 x 630 Material Stainless Steel Supplier Model Number G3925 Temperature Range 50C to 300C Warranty 2 Years Parts & Labour Weight 205kg


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Bull Angus Cart with lights Gas BBQ (Propane)

Bull Angus Cart with lights Gas BBQ (Propane)

The Angus cart is a 76cm 4-Burner Stainless Steel Barbecue Grill with an Infrared Back Burner. This grill cart has room to prepare food and great storage for you tools and propane tank. This barbecue features the Bull-Fire Ignition System - a gas jet ignited by a spark that fires a flame along the burner to ensure a quick and reliable burner ignition every time. The ReliaBull Technology is a fantastic feature in this barbecue that combats uneven and unpredictable heat distribution at the cooking surface that is found in many competitors' barbecues, this has been proven by engineers to improve heat distribution by up to 50% allowing you to use your complete cooking surface with great results - view the video for more information. The warranty on Bull BBQ's also surpasses anything available on the market today backing up the quality of the components so you can buy with complete peace of mind - view the warranty documents for more information. The heavy duty cast 304 stainless steel burn


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