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Frog Bikes 48 2018 16 Inch Kids Hybrid Bike Orange

Frog Bikes 48 2018 16 Inch Kids Hybrid Bike Orange

One of our most popular kids bikes, Frog's 48 impresses with its light weight, in-built safety features, quality construction, and a wide choice of colours from vibrant green to a Team Sky inspired edition. Their first bike should be the business. Frog's 48 sets the foundation for an active, healthy life, and whether they grow up to be the next big sports star, you'll know it all comes back to their Frog 48. Now the Frog 48 isn't the only bike of its kind, in fact there are more kids' bikes than you can shake a stick at, but the Frog 48 is more unique. Built to the same quality and standards as premium adult bikes, the Frog 48 is not just reliable - back up by a 5 year warranty - but also light weight. This weight make the Frog 48 more enjoyable to ride and safer to control, helping to prevent any un-happy accidents. In addition, the Frog 48 is packed to the brim with clever features, from the locking headset that prevents over steering, to easy to reach brake levers for comfortable braking control. Soft grips and a kid's specific saddle add comfortable, all creating the ideal memories to spark a lifetime of cycling. Suitable for Riders Aged 4-5 Years Old With an Inside Leg of 48cm Lightweight Aluminium Frame Built to High Standards With a 5 Year Warranty Clever Features to Make Their Life Safer and More Enjoyable Great Choice of Colours From Bright Green to Union Jack Inspired Designs Includes a Bell, Reflectors, and 2 Year Component Warranty

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