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Booster Seats Joie i-Trillo

Joie i-Trillo

Booster Seat, UN R129, i-Size, Side Impact Protection (ASIP), Washable Covering, Adjustable Head Rest

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3 tips for buying a booster seat

A booster seat needs to be tested in the vehicle it will be used to ensure proper fit and positioning of the child and seatbelt. Check these important points before buying:

  • seat depth – the back of the knee should be beyond the seat edge when the child sits in the booster seat. This way, the child won't slide forward.

  • shoulder belt – position the diagonal belt over the inner half of the child’s shoulder so it doesn't slip off.

  • hip belt – the seatbelt should rest securely on the child's hips instead of their stomach.

When positioning several car seats next to each other in your back seat, the booster seat should fit the width and maximum back height requirements. The interior space within the booster seat determines how long your child can use it.

Consider having:

  • third attachment point – prevents the seatbelt from sliding up towards the stomach by holding it between the child's legs.
  • reclining mode – offers an adjustable backrest reclining angle, ideal if the child falls asleep during travel.
  • belt horn – holds the seatbelt in place, but can make the seat wider.

Want to know more? Read about regulations on child car seats.