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3 tips when shopping for a car seat

To use a rear-facing car seat, you need to install it correctly in your car. This means testing it in the seat you plan to use it in.

If you opt for an Isofix rear-facing car seat, you'll need to have Isofix mountings in your car seat. Although installation is quick and easy, it can limit the maximum weight of the car seat.

For a higher maximum weight and a longer period of use, choose a rear-facing car seat with anchoring straps and a seat belt.

A base-mounted car seat might be more suitable for your child's first 3-4 years. Sold in packs with car seats, this solution comes with a base that can be mounted in your car with Isofix. For those who move the car seat between cars frequently, it's convenient to have a base in each car.

Ensuring your child's car seat is safe and secure is crucial, so don't take any shortcuts when selecting the right one.

If you choose a weight-based child car seat, make sure that it's EU-approved. Look for the label displaying a capital 'E' in a circle and 'ECE R44'.

For height-based seats, look for the label displaying a capital 'E' in a circle and 'R129'.

And remember, only EU-approved child car seats can be used in the UK. Read more about rules and regulations for childrens car safety in the UK.

While not essential, some car seat features are incredibly popular with parents:

  • Rotating car seat: This type of car seat can be rotated towards the car door, making it simpler to fasten your little one in.

  • Car seat with a reclining position: If your child often nods off during car rides, a car seat with a reclining feature can be a game-changer. It allows your child to sleep more comfortably on the go.