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Air Cooler Beldray 6 Litre Air Cooler wilko

Beldray 6 Litre Air Cooler wilko

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3 tips when shopping for an air cooler

The air coolers come in different sizes for your needs. The smallest ones you can place on a bedside table, while larger models quickly cool the entire room.

  • For smaller rooms, a 50 cubic metres/hour capacity cooler is enough.

  • Larger rooms require an 80-100 cubic metres/hour capacity cooler.

Check each model's product description for capacity information. And if you want it extra cold, choose the air cooler with ice-pack compartments.

If you suffer from asthma or allergies, a 2-in-1 air cooler that purifies the air could help. Its filter removes bacteria and allergens that can worsen symptoms, particularly during the pollen season.

Some 3-in-1 models also regulate humidity. These models come with a mode to detect changes in temperature and humidity. This lets air coolers start automatically and adjust their settings to match.

For a peaceful night's sleep, look for an air cooler with a maximum sound level of 40 decibels. These models are often smaller in size. More advanced models usually come with multiple fan modes and a remote control.

Bladeless air coolers offer quiet, efficient cooling with a pleasant, even breeze, making them a great choice for the bedroom.

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