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Outdoor Lounge Sets
Outdoor Lounge Sets
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Garden & Outdoor Furniture Easy Imex Bideford Rattan Corner Outdoor Lounge Set

Easy Imex Bideford Rattan Corner Outdoor Lounge Set

Outdoor Lounge Set, Seat Cushion

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Three things to consider when buying garden furniture

Good furniture combines beauty with practicality. Choose furniture with built-in storage, so you have somewhere to stow away your children’s toys, garden tools or garden furniture cushions. It makes it easier if the furniture can be folded, so it can be easily stored in the winter. If your garden furniture has to stay outside all year round, you can invest in an outdoor furniture cover.

The material and how you look after it plays a huge role. It’s a shame if your furniture quickly deteriorates, fades or gets dirty.

  • Plastic is easy to wipe clean, which is nice when you come out and discover that your garden set is covered in pollen or seeds from trees and shrubs.
  • Rattan are just as easy to clean as plastic. High-quality rattan will last a long time, but protect it from the sun, which will cause it to fade.
  • Metal is largely maintenance-free.
  • Cast iron should be treated with corrosion protection.
  • Wood will last a long time if you take care of it correctly.
  • Dining set If you want to gather your nearest and dearest for a barbecue, it’s a good idea to have plenty of space. We recommend a dining set. Need even more space – invest in an extendable table.

  • Lounge set It’s nice to lean back on a comfy sofa when you want to relax. A lounge set is perfect for that. If you want to stretch out your legs, we recommend choosing a sofa with pull-out sections.

  • Outdoor or bar set for two If you only have a small outdoor space, we recommend an outdoor set for two or a bar set for two. The tables and seats in these sets don’t take up too much space.

  • Children’s group And why shouldn’t your little ones have a special place to sit too? A children’s set gives them their own corner for socialising.

Only have a small balcony? There's lots you can do to make it your own piece of heaven on earth, just take a look at Realhomes.com for some inspo.

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