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Freestanding Greenhouses OutSunny Greenhouse with Roof Vent 10x6ft Aluminum Polycarbonate

OutSunny Greenhouse with Roof Vent 10x6ft Aluminum Polycarbonate


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3 things to consider before buying a freestanding greenhouse

Glass greenhouses are undeniably beautiful, they allow more light to pass through compared to plastic. But, they might have lower durability in case of accidents and can crack when the frost melts, causing the ground to shift.

Plastic greenhouses are less prone to breaking, cost-effective to purchase, and easy to install. They also won't get damaged when the frost disappears. If you opt for channel plastic, you can enjoy unbeatable insulation. But, over the years, the plastic can darken, reducing light transmission. It can also have poorer durability compared to glass.

A common mistake is buying a greenhouse that's too small, only to need a replacement after a few years. While larger models might cost more, you don't want to risk having just a few space-consuming plants, like cucumbers or tomatoes, take over the entire greenhouse. This can make pruning your tomatoes and cutting back other plants challenging.

To sit in your greenhouse too, opt for one that's at least 15 m2. Remember to check local regulations to ensure both the size and location of the greenhouse are allowed in your garden.

In the summer, greenhouses can heat up very quickly. Automatic window openers save you the hassle of opening and closing them every day. There are versions that use beeswax, which expands with heat and don't need electricity or batteries.

If you fancy growing tomatoes or cucumbers, grab some hooks for easy hanging. This way, you won't need frames and canes cluttering up your pots.

Ideally, your greenhouse should be in a spot with varying shade, but even this can become too hot for your plants during the height of summer. With greenhouse blinds, you can stop the leaves from scorching and have healthier plants.

If you want to know more about greenhouse gardening, check out these awesome tips.

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