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Mini Greenhouses OutSunny Hydroponic Plant Grow Tent Stainless steel

OutSunny Hydroponic Plant Grow Tent Stainless steel

Stainless steel

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Three tips when buying a mini greenhouse

  • Ventilation is essential to avoid pests and excessive temperatures.
  • Under-floor watering keeps the moisture level under control.
  • Under-floor heating makes seeds germinate faster.

Most greenhouses have space for several small plastic trays or pots. These are suitable if you want to propagate plants to plant out in your garden.

There are also mini greenhouses intended to be a permanent home for the plant to thrive in. They become a little ecosystem that moisture-loving plants like to live in.

Give some thought to what you want the greenhouse for. If you’re going to sow seeds that you then plant in larger pots on your balcony, you won’t need a particularly large greenhouse.

But if you want it as a permanent home for your plants, you should consider their fully grown size. For example, tomato plants grow to a height of around one metre – so make sure they can fit in. It may be a good idea to get a greenhouse where you can adjust the height, e.g. by moving shelves.

Here you can find inspiration for growing in a mini greenhouse .

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