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Hair Masks Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector 100ml

Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector 100ml

Hair Mask, Repairing, Smoothing, Leave-in, Softening, Moisturizing, Strengthening, Shine, Silicon Free, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free



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It’s like a face mask, but for your hair! A hair mask works to improve and boost your hair’s health. The difference between a hair mask and everyday conditioners is that its ingredients are usually more concentrated and the mask is left on your hair for a lot longer – anywhere between 20 minutes to a couple of hours!

It depends on the texture of your hair and the problem you’re trying to solve. There are masks for all kinds of problems, frizzy hair, dry scalp, split ends, dry hair, lack of shine and breakage – to name a few. As well as masks for kinky, curly and coily hair, straight hair, thin hair, thick hair – you name it and there’s a hair mask for it.

While it isn’t necessarily bad to use a hair mask every day, it’s expensive and unnecessary. The average hair needs a mask about once a week. If you’ve really done a number on your hair and it’s crying out for some TLC, twice to three times a week should get your hair back to its pre-damaged state.

Three tips for buying a hair mask

Do you have dry, coloured, static hair? No worries, there’s a mask for you (and for everyone else). The most common hair problems are:

  • Dry Hair: It may come as no surprise that dry hair needs moisture. Dry hair feels frizzy and tangles easily, which usually leads to knots and some lengthy sessions with the brush. Go for moisturising and repairing masks.

  • Oily hair: If your hair is greasy, you may be washing it too often. This causes the scalp to react by producing more sebum, which makes the hair feel heavy and dirty quickly. Try a scalp calming mask. Hair masks with clay can also help.

  • Coloured hair: Hair that is treated with chemical dyes is also often dry and slightly broken. Moisturising hair masks are therefore always a good option. You can also buy colour bombs – these are hair masks with pigments that strengthen your hair colour. If your hair is bleached and you want to ensure cool tones in your hair, a silver mask is a good choice.

Hair masks should be left in the hair for anything from 30 seconds to 20 minutes. Please read the instructions before you purchase the mask. If you are a person who is not patient enough to wait 20 minutes while the mask works, you should buy one with a shorter processing time. Otherwise you will not use it. Have you accidentally bought one with too long a processing time? Use it anyway, but reduce the time that you leave it in your hair.

Are you perhaps thinking it's better to leave the hair mask on over the night? Read this guide with nine "do's and don'ts" first!

Several treatments that were previously only available at salons are now available at home too. If your hair is damaged after many colourings, try a mask that heals the hair’s sulfur bonds, or a mask that restores the keratin chains in the hair. These types of masks are more expensive, but also give a completely different type of result compared to ordinary masks.

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