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Inflatable Pools Bestway Fast Set Pool Ø3.05x0.76m

Bestway Fast Set Pool Ø3.05x0.76m

Inflatable Pool Round, PVC, Liner, Polyester

Willow And Wine
in 23 stores

Three things to consider when buying an inflatable pool

  • A cover protects against dirt and contamination. It also prevents animals or children from falling in.
  • A thermal foil is placed on the water surface to prevent the water from evaporating. It also keeps it warm.
  • A pump helps you inflate your pool – and with an electric pump you just need to press a button.
  • A filter keeps the water clean by stopping algae and debris.

An inflatable baby pool is suitable for small children up to one year, and the depth shouldn’t exceed 20 centimetres. Many of these pools have a built-in roof that protects children from the sun.

For older children, a pool with a diameter of 100–200 centimetres and knee-deep water is more suitable. They’ll have room to play and the amount of water can be adjusted to your child’s size .

If the whole family wants to join in the fun, we recommend a family pool. There are also really large versions of pools that are several metres long, where you can swim lengths if you want to. For these large pools you may need to heat up the water.

If you are going to place the pool on an uneven surface, we recommend that you have a reinforced base to reduce the risk of the pool breaking. The bottom should also be inflatable if children are going to swim in the pool, as this makes it more comfortable to sit on. It also prevents the water from cooling down if the ground is cold.

Either if you are installing a family sized inflatable pool or a mor permanent one, it's always a good idea to check rules, regulations and other important things to think of before hitting the buy-button.