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Ceramic straighteners are extra kind to the hair. Are you looking for a ceramic straightener?
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Straighteners GHD Platinum+ Styler

GHD Platinum+ Styler

Straightener, Swivel Cord, Fast Heating, Automatic Shut-off





It’s recommended to straighten your hair when it’s dry. Apply heat protection to protect it from potential damage caused by heat. Divide your hair into sections to make it easier to uniformly straighten on all sides. Set the correct temperature on your straightener – this depends on the length and texture of your hair, as well as the type of straightener you’re using. The manual should have directions on this. Clamp the straightener about an inch below your roots and pull down gently. Be sure not to stop while pulling down as that can damage your hair. Repeat this for all sections and voila, you’ve got sleek straight hair!

Gather a small section of hair, clamp your straightener gently towards the top of the hair section. Pull the straightener down and when you get to the part where you want the curl to begin – twist the straightener about 180 degrees away from your face. Gently pull the straightener all the way down and repeat for each section of your hair. This might take some practice, but is a cheaper alternative to also buying a curling iron.

Your hair type dictates what temperature you should set your straightener to. Thin, damaged and coloured hair should only be straightened at a low setting, below 300 degrees. Average hair can be ironed at 300-380 while thick, coarse and extra curly hair can handle up to 350-400 degrees. Some straighteners only have an auto setting while others allow you to set them to a wide range of temperatures, make sure to check this before you buy.


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