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Heat Brushes Babyliss Big Hair 2885U

Babyliss Big Hair 2885U

Heat Brush, Rotating, Cool Setting, Ionic, Swivel Cord, Ceramic





It’s a round and bristled brush that generates heat, similarly to a hair dryer. The main difference is its shape which allows you to style, dry, add volume and smoothen your hair simultaneously. Combining two steps into one.

First of all, your hair shouldn’t be completely dry or soaking wet – a bit damp is ideal, a towel dry is enough. Apply heat protection spray, it’s not essential but always recommended.

Next, you need to comb or brush through your hair, getting rid of any knots or tangles, but remember to be careful as your hair is wet and therefore fragile.

Then, evenly section your hair and clip the top parts as it’s best to start from the bottom up. Turn your heat brush on and let it warm up, depending on the model this can take between a couple of seconds to a minute or two. Wrap your hair over, but not fully around, the brush and slowly pull down keeping the hair taut. Let your hair cool down and finish off with some serum or a bit of hairspray.

Choosing between a hair dryer or a heat brush depends on what you’re after. While hair dryers dry your hair way more efficiently, heat brushes kill two birds with one stone as you dry and style it at the same time. It’s possible to style your hair with a hair dryer but requires extra tools and a lot of practice. With a heat brush you can easily straighten, curl or leave your hair to its natural style.

When using a hair dryer, you can step straight out of the shower and get drying, but with a heat brush, you’ve got to brush and section your hair. Finally, heat brushes can’t reach the same high temperatures as a hair dryer, but it’s not all that bad because that means less damage to your hair.


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