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GoPro HERO12 Black


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3 tips for buying an action camera

An action camera is only as good as its mounts. So make sure you get the right accessories such as:

  • Helmet mount for skis and cycling
  • Suction cup or clamp for a versatile mount system
  • Underwater camera housing for snorkelling.

For more options, check Action camera accessories.

Look for a camera that can capture high-resolution footage and has built-in stabilisation to keep your videos smooth and steady.

You could also find new and creative ways to use your action camera by watching YouTube videos, like this one for example.

Some cameras can connect wirelessly to your phone and even have a simple editing functionality included, which makes editing and uploading the video much easier.

Alternatively, you can upload the video to your computer and edit it there. This method takes longer and requires specific software, but gives you more control over the final product.



Like with many products, the name sort of reveals its purpose. Whereas a ‘normal’ camera is designed to focus on creating the best possible still photo, a video camera is designed to ensure great video capture.

There is a massive difference between the camera found in your phone and a dedicated video camera. A dedicated video camera utilises a variety of technologies to ensure optimal recording.

A very important question that might seem tricky given the resourcefulness of modern day phones. Why buy a dedicated camera when your phone already offers 4K-resolution, picture stabilisation, and optical zoom?

The reason to consider a dedicated camera is actually because everything in your phone is super compact, so typically, you will find worse hardware in your phone, whereas a camera will provide you a lot more natural light and nuanced details.

This is especially the case when recording a video in poor light or in the evening.

There is an enormous price range when it comes to video cameras. Three brands that usually fare well are Sony, Panasonic, and Cannon. The latter one typically being a fair bit more expensive.

What you really want to look for are optics and sensors designed for video. Additionally, looking at picture resolution and frequency response are also grand ideas.

While there are plenty of great offers online, we recommend that you go to a physical store and try a potential camera out for yourself - especially if it’s an expensive one.

Another option is to go on YouTube and search for ‘camera name review’. You will typically find a lot of great videos that deep-dive into the quality of said camera. In many cases, the video will be filmed using the camera, which is an excellent way to see how it performs.