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Coffee Brewers

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Depending on functions, brand and quality, there are coffee makers in different price ranges. What is your budget?
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Coffee Brewers Breville VCF155

Breville VCF155

Coffee Brewer,with Drip Stop, 700W, Capacity: 0.625 L, Capacity (cups): 1 Cups, Disposable, Colour: Grey

George at ASDA
in 6 stores
Coffee Brewers Smeg 50's Style DCF02WH
100+ watching

Smeg 50's Style DCF02WH

Coffee Brewer,with Drip Stop, Display, 1050W, Capacity: 1.4 L, Capacity (cups): 10 Cups, Colour: White



Donaghy Bros
Coffee Friend
in 30 stores

Three things to consider when buying a coffee brewer

  • A single cup of coffee. For those who only want an occasional cup of coffee, a capsule machine can be a good choice. But there are also smaller coffee makers that only hold 1-2 cups, and saves a lot of space iin the kitchen.
  • Whole Jugs. For those of you who are heavy drinkers or who want to treat the neighbors to a cup of coffee on a sunny spring day, a larger brewer is needed. The classic filter coffee machines usually brew up to 1.5 liters of coffee
  • To the office. At work, it can be practical to be able to brew two pots of coffee at a time, so it's enough for both meetings and your coffee-drinking colleagues.

Hot water and coffee beans = coffee. It isn't more difficult than that, in theory. But in practice there are coffee makers in many price ranges with many different functions and features. In general, the quality of the brewer tends to rise in line with the price, but not always. At the slightly more expensive end we find the ECBC approved coffee machines, which are built for optimal coffee brewing – and coffee taste. Read about ECBC here.

If you like waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee, a coffee maker with a built-in timer is a practical choice. If you leave the house in a flying leap with your breath in your throat, it can be nice to know that an automatic shutdown ensures that the coffee maker is not left on all day, with the risk of fire as a result. A brewer that brews directly into a thermos saves electricity as they switch off immediately when the coffee is finished, and the coffee still stays warm. The advantage here is also that your coffee stays hot, without having the disturbing aftertaste of burnt coffee.



Between every two to four months, depending on the hardness of the water in your area. There are more minerals in hard water, which means you may have to descale your machine more often. If your area has soft water, it should be sufficient to descale the machine less often. Some manufacturers recommend a descaling after 40 brews.

If a coffee maker has a drip-stop, it means that the coffee stops dripping down when you remove the carafe. This means you can avoid unnecessary spillage, and you can fill your cup before the brew is finished. When you put the carafe back in its place, the brewing will automatically start again. This differs slightly from product to product.

There are a lot of different descaling liquids made by the coffee manufacturers, but a common household remedy is to descale the coffee maker with vinegar:

  1. Fill the water tank with 600 ml of water and add 100 ml of vinegar.
  2. Switch on the machine and let half of the liquid brew.
  3. Switch off the machine and let it rest for 15 minutes.
  4. Turn the machine back on and let the rest of the liquid brew.
  5. Rinse the machine by brewing with just water a couple of times.
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