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Moka Pots

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Depending on the model, moka pots have a capacity for different numbers of cups. What size feels appropriate for your household?
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Moka Pots Bialetti Moka Express 3 Cup

Bialetti Moka Express 3 Cup


Moka Pot, Capacity: 0.2 L, Capacity (cups): 3 Cups, Colour: Rose Gold, Black, Green, Silver, Red

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Three things to consider before buying a moka pot

Depending on the type of stove you have, it is important to make sure that the mocha coffeemaker is compatible with your stove. Most mocha coffeemakers can be used on induction stoves, but some stoves have size requirements for the vessels that will be heated on them. Therefore, if the coffeemaker does not meet these requirements, it will not be heated. When it comes to gas cookers, most mocha coffeemakers are also compatible, but remember not to choose a model with a plastic handle, as it may melt.

If you are unsure about what works, and you want a certain type of mocha coffeemaker, there is a smart solution: induction plate. The plate allows you to use all types of mocha coffeemakers – plus other cookware that normally does not work on induction.

Mocha coffeemakers have different capacities, depending on how many cups you want to brew at the same time. So this is something important to keep in mind. Also remember that the cups listed are espresso shots, so if you want a large cup of coffee, you should follow the number of cups stated.

1–3 cups = 1 person 4–8 cups = 2 people 9+ cups = 4+ people

The two most common materials for mocha coffeemakers are aluminium and stainless steel. The former is the most traditional, as aluminium is an inexpensive, lightweight, and heat-conducting material that is therefore well suited for heating.

More recently however, stainless steel mocha coffeemakers have become more common. It is a sustainable material that also usually gives the coffeemaker a slightly more exclusive look, which means that these models are often a little more expensive than the aluminium ones.

Here you can get more tips on how to use and care for a mocha pot in the best way.

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