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We at PriceRunner think that it’s important that you always get the best price, and above all that you are happy with your purchase. That’s why we have developed several useful functions to help you along. We got your back! So that you can be sure that both the product and shop you choose match your expectations.

Finding the best price

Interested in how to find the best price using PriceRunner? Here you can find more information on delivery, shipping and payment options, you can also find reviews and tests, as well as how to check the price history and shop information.

Filter for delivery, shipping & payment options

Beyond the fact that the price can vary between different online shops, it’s also common for shops to vary when it comes to delivery, shipping and payment options. That’s why we have made it possible to filter on online shops based on these factors, which can be deciding when you make your purchase.

  1. Select “Filter”.

    Filter to compare prices  

  2. Select the boxes of the filters you wish to activate. The products will be updated autmotically below.

    Expand filter to compare prices  

  3. Compare the different options to determine which shops suits your needs the best!

Reviews & tests

When deciding what to buy, other people’s recommendations and experience with the product is invaluable. Via our function “Reviews” our members can leave reviews, ask questions and share their experiences of the product. By reading reviews you can quickly get help and a form an idea of whether or not this product is suited for you.

Besides reading reviews from other users, our expert tests can be of great help when you’re in the decission making process. Our experts at PriceRunner conduct entirely independent test within a wide range of product categories. Everything is tested in a natural environment and it is tested in the way the product is intended to be used. This assures not only transparency but also real-life results from the tests that accuratley reflect the products qualities.

  1. Select “Reviews and tests.”

    PriceRunner reviews and tests  

  2. You will get a quick overview of what the test of the product has concluded. Just below you can read and leave reviews of the product.

    Tested product at PriceRunner  

  3. Under reviews you will find “Questions and answers”. Here you can ask questions about the products as well as answering other members questions.

Price history

To be completely sure that your getting the best deal possible on your purchase it’s good to check the price history before you buy. This way you can easily see the price development over the past few months and quickly determine if you’re actually getting a good deal or not, or if it is in fact a “fake deal” and you migth be better off waiting for the price to drop further.

  1. Select “Statistics”

    Product statistics  

  2. Choose if you want to show the price history for the past few months or if you want to compare during a longer period of time.

    Product price history  

  3. By selecting “Choose store” you can see the price development for a specific shop.

  4. If you want to be notified when the price of a product drops, select “Price alert”.

    Set price alert

Shop information

Delivery times, payment options and terms & conditions often vary from store to store. This is a good thing to keep in mind when buying a product. Luckily we have made it very simple for you to get a quick overview of what each store has to offers. So that you can feel completely safe with your choice of both shop and product.

  1. Select the arrow to the left of the shop name.

    Store information  

  2. Get information about the shops reviews, payment and delivery options.

    Detailed store information

Below the shop information you can also see if there are any other product versions. There may for example be other colours options available on the headphones you want to buy. You can then get a quick overview if this and compare products and prices, to easily make a good purchasing decision.

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