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Guides & shopping tips

How do you find your way among 4.9 million products? Not to worry, we're here to help! Our own experts have written tons of guides and other informative materials. They help you narrow down the selection and makes it easier to find the perfect product for you.

Enlist help from the experts

For us it is important athat you as a consumer picks the right product right from the start. The most obvious advantage of this is that you as a consumer won't have to go out and spend even more money on a new product because the one you just got didn't quite cut it. This is also good from a sustainability perspective, since a good and qualitative product is more likely to last for years to come. A clear win-win, in other words!

Here we tell more about how our razor-sharp product experts help you find the right product with help from our guides and other things.

PriceRunner's guides

Are you in a shopping mood, but not quite sure what you're looking for? Or do you just need some inspiration? Then our guides are perfect for you! Our guides ade made for those who want some inspiration and tips. They're filled with inspiration and information about the products in our site, but you can also get tons of tons of advice and life hacks for your everyday life. The guides cover everything from stylish and cheap workout clothes to how you make the best cup of coffee. Our guides can be a great help for you in figuring out what you actually need. So next time you're out to do some shopping, or just need some infirmation, start by reading a guide!

How you find guides on PriceRunner:

  1. Click “Guides” on the startpage.


  2. Pick your desired category.


  3. Found the right guide? Click the preview image to start reading the guide!

Pricerunner's buying guides

Have you found the right category, but still don't know exactly which product to buy? Then our buying guides (available on selected categories) could be of great use. Simply put, they're another way of using our wide selection of product filters. Just answer the questions in the buying guide to the best of your abilities, and hopefully you will get a narrower selection of products that will help you find your way!

buying guide UK

PriceRunner's shopping tips

If you are unsure what to consider when buying a particular type of product, then you should read through our shopping tips. It's a compilation of a few things that might be worth to consider when you're out to do some shopping. You find them on the category pages and they will hopefully provide a more informed basis for you to make the best possible purchase.

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PriceRunner's FAQs

When you're about to buy a new mobile phone, dishwasher or whatever it may be, it is fully natural that some questions arise along the way. We at PriceRunner have mapped out some of the most frequently asked questions around certain products and provided answers for them to hopefully make things a bit clearer. Just like the shopping tips, you find the FAQs on the category pages.