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How do you find the right product when there’s 1.6 million to choose from? Don’t worry, we have a great solution! Our very own experts are tasked with conducting and writing countless product tests and guides. They help you narrow down the choice, so that ultimately finding the right product for you becomes all the more easier.

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For us it’s important that you as a consumer chooses the right product from the very beginning. Choosing the right product from the start, that will last is not only good for your economy but also good for the environment. A good quality product can hang around for years to come, so it really is a win-win!

Here you can find out more about how our tests and guides are conducted by our awesome product testers.

PriceRunner’s testing

Our test are independent and transparent and conducted by PriceRunner’s very own product experts. All selected products are tested and used just as they would be in real life. This means that we don’t do any quick lab tests – if a product needs to be tested for a year for us to be able to review it properly, well then, we’ll test it for a full year! This ensures us that the test result will emulate what you as a consumer will experience once you buy the product. Sound good, right?

You may wonder how our experts can choose from 1.6 million products? Well, we test products that people are interested in buying, essentially what is popular or in demand right now. Of course, these are not the only criteria when it comes to choosing a product, we also put great focus on only testing products that we know are of good quality to begin with. Our tests are meant to narrow down the selection of products and help you make an informed decision of a products that fits your particular needs. Even though we do crown a ”best choice” product in all our tests, that does of course not necessarily mean that it is the best choice for everyone. But it can be seen as a quality stamp, but at the end of the day it is only you who knows what product will fit your needs the best.

How to find tests on PriceRunner:

  1. Select “Expert reviews” on the menu on the start page.

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  2. Select your desired category.

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  3. Found an interesting test? Click on the test's image to read the test!

PriceRunners guides

Are you on the prowl for a bargain, but aren’t quite sure what you’re looking for? Or maybe you just want some inspiration? Then our guides are a perfect fit for you! We like to say that out tests are for those who are ready to purchase a product, while guides are perfect for those who want to be inspired and get some great ideas. They are filled with inspiration and information about our products, but you can also get tons of smart daily life tips and lifehacks. Guides can be about anything from nice and cheap training gear, or how to best make coffee. Our guides can also help you figure out what you actually need. So next time you’re in a buying mood or just in what of some information, start by reading guides!

How to find guides on PriceRunner:
  1. Select “Guides” on the menu on the start page.

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  2. Select your desired category.

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