About prices and shipping

How are prices updated?

Most prices are automatically updated at least once a day. For a lot of retailers, prices are updated more often than that. However, PriceRunner does not guarantee that prices are correct. It is therefore important that you double-check the price on the retailer's website before completing a purchase to ensure that the price you have seen on PriceRunner is current and correct.

How do I see the price?

Click on "Compare price" in the product list to get a list of all retailers selling that particular product. The lowest price excluding shipping costs is shown at the top and includes VAT.

Is VAT included in all prices?

Yes, all prices are inclusive of VAT. If a price fetched from a retailer is exclusive of VAT, our system adds VAT to that price. If you find a price that you think is excluding VAT, please contact us and tell us about the relevant product and retailer, so that we can check the price.

Do you show membership stores?

Yes, we allow stores to be listed with prices that require a membership. In those cases, the following requirements must be met:

  • The store does not charge a monthly membership fee.
  • Any membership fees, for example a deposit amount, can be refunded if the user wants to terminate the membership.
  • Any membership fees are reasonable.

If a store charges a monthly membership fee, the store can still be listed with their prices and products on PriceRunner. However, PriceRunner requires the store to be listed with its ordinary prices (i.e. prices for non-members). Any membership conditions must be clearly stated on the store's website.

What do I do if I think a price is wrong?

Our aim is to display correct and updated price information, but errors may occur. PriceRunner does not guarantee the prices. You must double-check the prices on the retailer's own site. If you notice an error on our site, please send us an email with a link to the page and describe what is wrong.

How do you compare the prices for a product?

PriceRunner strives to be able to display all prices available to you. We display prices regardless of whether or not a retailer is a customer of PriceRunner. Retailers are sorted with the lowest price excluding shipping at the top as standard and then in ascending order.

Some retailers may, for technical or resource reasons, miss shipping cost information in our listings. These are then listed in the list with the text "Delivery unknown". You can always check the retailer's site yourself for information on shipping costs.

But there are a number of exceptions that are worth knowing. PriceRunner compares more than 3.4 million products and strives to compare as many products as possible. But there are still many products that we have not yet been able to price compare. These products still appear on PriceRunner as they may be products you are looking for. If several retailers sell the same product of this type, they may not be sorted in order with the lowest prices excluding shipping at the top.

What shipping cost does PriceRunner display?

The shipping costs that PriceRunner displays for a retailer should be the lowest possible one. The shipping costs must be valid at the time of delivery of the product to the buyer. In other words, the retailer cannot say that shipping is free if you have to pick up the product at the retailer adress.

What does stock status mean?

Stock status means that a retailer indicates it has the product ready for delivery. A product being in stock normally means that there is less uncertainty about the delivery and that you can get the product more quickly. The stock status displayed on the PriceRunner site can be "In stock", "Not in stock" or the quantity in stock.

If more detailed information is available, such as "Ordered from supplier" or the date when the product will be in stock, this can also be displayed. The stock status can apply both to the retailer's own stock and to its supplier/distributor's stock.

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