PriceRunner was founded in 1999 and is active primarily in Sweden and Denmark with other smaller sites in a further two countries. We work to develop the best comparison shopping service. PriceRunner is completely independent; we are not owned by or dependent on any manufacturer, retailer or other organisation that might have an interest in providing biased information.

PriceRunner's mission is to help consumers find better products and better prices. Every month we help hundreds of thousands of consumers to find better, cheaper products and save money by comparing prices for a particular product. Our vision is to be an independent, credible source the consumer can always rely on when they compare products online.

We think what we do is really exciting – E-commerce is seeing a strong growth and we want to help shoppers make smarter decisions!

A brief history


PriceRunner was founded in Sweden by Kristofer Arwin, Martin Alexandersson and Magnus Wiberg. The investment was financed by Cell Ventures. PriceRunner was established as one of the first websites for comparison shopping in Europe.


PriceRunner expands to Denmark and the United Kingdom.


PriceRunner’s expansion continued to France and Germany. During this year PriceRunner was acquired by the American media concern “Conversant” (previously ValueClick). PriceRunner launched “Merchant of the Year” to highlight the most loved shops.


PriceRunner launches in the US.


PriceRunner launches in Austria.


PriceRunner launches its first apps for iOS and Android. The company starts migrating [the technical platform] to Shanghai in October of 2008.


PriceRunner launches the first mobile-friendly website. The US platform was shut down in the same year in conjunction with the efforts to migrate to the technical Shanghai-platform.


The American media concern IAC acquires PriceRunner.


PriceRunner once again gets Swedish owners when the investment company Nordstjernan, Karl-Johan Persson, Nicklas Storåkers and Mikael Lindahl acquire the company. In July PriceRunner acquires “EDB Priser” and in September PriceRunner acquires “Bäst-i-Test.”


PriceRunner launches a new design for the platform. In December the company closes its office in Shanghai.


PriceRunner launches a new upgraded platform in the UK. PriceRunner launches the e-commerce index, which measures patterns among e-merchants in Denmark and Sweden. In June the company shuts down its platforms in France and Austria.


PriceRunner launches its first data & analysis service.


Investment company eEquity, Nicklas Storåkers and other existing shareholders acquire Nordstjernans share of PriceRunner. Magnus Wiberg, partner at eEquity, was one of the original founders of PriceRunner in 1999. He returns the same year as board member. In June the company shuts down their platform in Germany.


PriceRunner launches several updates such as comparison of delivery options and costs, buying guides to help consumers find the right product and managing of versions on more than a third of all products. PriceRunner acquired Prisguiden in October and thereby expanded operations to Norway.

In November, Mikael Lindahl replaces Nicklas Storåkers as CEO. Klarna announces their acquisition of PriceRunner.


The Swedish financial supervisory authority Finansinspektionen approves the deal with Klarna on the 17th of March 2022. PriceRunner is officially part of Klarna since April 1st, 2022.

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