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PriceRunner was founded in 1999 and is active primarily in Sweden and Denmark with other smaller sites in a further two countries. We work to develop the best service for comparison shopping. PriceRunner is completely independent; we are not owned by or dependent on any manufacturer, retailer or other organisation that might have an interest in providing biased information.

PriceRunner's mission is to help consumers find better products and better prices. Every month we help hundreds of thousands of consumers to find better, cheaper products and save money by comparing prices for a particular product. Our vision is to be an independent, credible source the consumer can always rely on when they compare products online.

We think what we do is really exciting – e-commerce is growing by over 15% a year and we want to continue helping shoppers make wiser decisions!


PriceRunner is founded in Sweden by Kristofer Arwin, Martin Alexandersson and Magnus Wiberg. The venture is financed by Cell Ventures. PriceRunner is quickly established as one of the first price comparison sites in Europe.


PriceRunner expands to Denmark and the UK.


In August, the expansion continues into France and, in October, into Germany. In August, PriceRunner is acquired by the American media group Conversant (formerly ValueClick). PriceRunner launches the E-Commerce of the Year award to highlight the most popular retailers.


PriceRunner is launched in the US – a venture which is subsequently closed down.


PriceRunner launches the first apps for iOS and Android.


PriceRunner launches the first mobile site.


The American media group IAC acquires PriceRunner.


PriceRunner returns to Swedish ownership when it is acquired by the Swedish investment company Nordstjernan, Karl-Johan Persson, Nicklas Storåkers and Mikael Lindahl.


The investment company eEquity and Nicklas Storåkers have purchased Nordstjernans ownership stake in PriceRunner. Magnus Wiberg, Partner at eEquity, was one of the founders of PriceRunner in 1999 and has returned as a board member.