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Verified Reviews

One of the decisive factors that encourages people to buy from you as a retailer is the customer feeling when they shop online. An important aspect of the process of building a secure brand is to have lots of positive reviews online.

With the help of PriceRunner's Verified Reviews, you know that only your paying customers are reviewing you and your shop, and also that you will get a constant flow of recent reviews. This means that more consumers will feel safe when the shop with you.

It is easy to implement Verified Reviews. You simply have to publish a link. PriceRunner then handles everything like mailing, compilation and publication. And of course you can also respond to reviews if you think it is necessary.

Tips on how to get the most reviews

  • Keep an eye on the technical part! Check that the script for Verified Reviews is added to your order confirmation page for all purchases carried out. Another option is to include a link to the survey in the order confirmation email. It may occur that the script disappears if you make changes to your site and this will also remove the opportunity for your customers to add a review via PriceRunner.
  • Be open, inviting and clear! You should ideally use an image with text explaining that reviews are useful both for you and for other consumers. Everything should also be placed in a clear, visible way, so that no one can miss it.

How do Verified Reviews work?

After a customer has completed a purchase with a retailer, the customer has the opportunity to evaluate the purchase with the shop by clicking on a link to PriceRunner's Verified Reviews. This link is only shown to customers who have completed a purchase, which means that the reviews can only be submitted by real customers.

The survey is divided into two parts, with the retailer first being evaluated during the purchase and then after delivery of the product. In both parts, the customer rank the retailer from 1 to 5 where 5 is the highest score (Excellent) and 1 is the worst (Poor).

Part 1: Evaluation of the buying process (starts on the retailer's order confirmation page) Part 2: Evaluation of the delivery (sent to the buyer after approximately one week)

When the script for Verified Reviews is implemented, you will get a constant flow of reviews. When you get a negative review, or simply want to write a response to someone, you can do this through the retailer admin pages. On our retailer admin pages, you can also set up monitoring, so that you get a notification every time you receive a review. This gives you the opportunity to act quickly in relation to the different types of review. It is normally valuable to be active and to demonstrate that you take your customers opinions seriously.

The retailers that activate Verified Reviews get a greater share of the clicks on PriceRunner and therefore more sales. NB! We have tools to check the reviews to make sure that they are created by real customers. If we discover fake reviews, the retailer loses its opportunity to use Verified Reviews.

How can we get started with Verified Reviews?

Our Verified Reviews widget should only include consumers who have carried out a purchase and the widget should therefore be placed on the order confirmation page on your site.

Your order confirmation page loads a JavaScript from PriceRunner's server. The script defines a function that opens the survey in a new window. You can control the widget so that it is called when a visitor clicks on a link or button.

The code can be placed anywhere inside the body tags on your order confirmation page.

<!—-Placed somewhere on the order confirmation page-->
<script src ="https://research.pricerunner.com/cgi-bin/quest/cssi.js?quest=100&client=CID"> 
<a href="#" onclick="launchCSS()">Enter the link text you want to display here</a> 
<!—-Now you have a link that will open the survey when it is clicked-->

Contact PriceRunner for your unique CID needed for the widget implementation. If you encounter any problems or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


For you as a retailer to be able to see how PriceRunner develops your sales and keep track of the clicks that come through our service, it is common to use tracking on the products' direct links. These tracking parameters consist of an addition after the original product link showing the source responsible for the click/visit.

Example of what Google's tracking parameters can look like: https://www.yourstore.com/shop/product1.html?utm_source=pricerunner&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=pricerunner

There are many different variants of tracking parameters. You can even expand and specify your parameters, so that you can see which of your categories and/or products a click/visit relates to.

Example: https://www.yourstore.com/shop/product13482.html?utm_source=pricerunner&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=dresses-13482

Google Analytics is one of the most frequently used tools for analysing site traffic. It helps you find out exactly how many orders PriceRunner's visitors have generated, so that you can evaluate your traffic. You also have the opportunity to see which products are bestsellers and which are less profitable

PriceRunner adds Google tracking parameters to our retailers' product links when we see that they use Google Analytics on their site, provided that there are not already any tracking parameters in the price file.

If you need help to solve specific tracking needs, or have any questions about tracking, simply contact us.