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Top 7 Best Blenders of 2022

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Are you looking for a blender to mix the perfect morning smoothie with? We have tested blenders from brands such as Magimix, Blendtec and Vitamix to find which is the best in the test.

Top 5 Best Blenders of 2022

How we did the test

Our tests are independently conducted and reflect the test editor's honest and objective opinions. Selection of products and test results are in no way influenced by manufacturers, retailers or other internal or external parties.

We carried out the test ourselves and tested all of the products as they are intended to be used by you, the consumer. This jug blender test was carried out by an inspired foodie and kitchen gadget nerd with experience looking at food processor combo appliances. All of the models were tested over a long period, with some having been tested over several years. We retained the models that performed the best to undertake long-term testing so that we can continuously add updates to the reviews.

All of the jug blender models were tested by preparing several different dishes under the same conditions. It was a good day at the Pricerunner office with smoothies, soups, spreads and crushed ice all being made. Some tests were repeated several times and we used a jury of many people to evaluate the results. We also had children test the products to see how easy they were to use. We measured the noise level each blender made and examined how easy they were to clean it. To support our test results, we spoke to several different juice bar employees to see how their experiences with the different blender models compares to ours. Finally, we carefully reviewed the user manuals and guarantees and evaluated the promises made by the manufacturers; for example, how quickly they state that ice can be crushed. We compared each smoothie mixer against each other using the following criteria:

  • Functionality and performance: How many pre-set programmes does the high power blender have, and how strong is the motor? How well does the blender do what it's intended to do? Are the smoothies it makes really as smooth as they claim? How well does it make hummus or a sweetcorn dip? Is it easy to crush ice with the blender?

  • Ease of use: How easy is the high power blender to use? Are the buttons and controls easy to understand? How easy it is to clean and does it take up a lot of space? Is the smoothie mixer so noisy that it'll wake the neighbours? How safe is the blender for children to use? How long is the cable and is there a cable winder?

  • Quality and design: Is the blender well designed with a stable base? Can it cope with stress, both in terms of vibrations and temperature? How long can you run the blender without it overheating? Has it been manufactured from high-quality and non-toxic materials? What kind of guarantee does it come with?

We have given each blender a score in relation to its price tag. In other words, how good were the blenders at each task in relation to how much they cost? We had higher expectations of the expensive blenders than of the cheaper ones, and vice versa. Ultimately our goal was to discover the best blender 2020 consumers can buy and the budget blender every foodie needs to know about.

1. Bosch Vitaboost High Performance Blender - BEST CHOICE BLENDER 2022

A super-efficient and powerful blender for large families

Motor rating: 1,600 W Revolutions per minute: 45,000 Marked volume jug: 2 l Material jug: Tritan plastic Pulse function: Yes Preset programmes: 6 Cord storage: No Tamper: Yes

Bosch VitaBoost MMBH6P6B

The Bosch VitaBoost High Performance Blender is a larger model that’s ideal for big households. The lavish and robust design of this blender gives it a high-quality vibe. The jug, which is made of durable Tritan plastic, has a generous volume of two litres.

Smart and efficient programme selection

The blender offers a wide array of features – six different programmes that allow you to do everything from blending cold soups and smoothies, to special programmes for sauces and ice cream making. In addition to these programmes, the blender has a classic pulse function, as well as a really effective cleaning programme. You simply add a drop of washing-up liquid and water to the jug, press the button and the jug gets cleaned.

It’s obviously a very powerful blender, since it turns even the hardest ingredients into silky smoothies or soups. The ice crusher function is perfect for Friday cocktails, and here too you’re impressed by how efficiently the blender works. This is an incredibly user-friendly blender. The user manual is almost superfluous, which of course is a big plus. The buttons are easy to use and the descriptive text clearly explains what each button does.

The only con is noise level

The only complaint we have about the Bosch Vitaboost High Performance Blender is that it’s quite noisy. If you live in a flat and don't want to wake up your neighbours, it may be best to prepare your breakfast smoothie the evening before. Otherwise, despite the higher price tag, this blender is a really good value option if you’re looking for a high-quality blender.

Easy to blend hard ingredientsclever programmeseasy cleaning

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Bosch Haushalt MMBH6P6BDE Blender 1600 W Black


2. Magimix Le Blender

Has simple controls and comes with a specially designed spatula to help with puree food.

Motor power: 1,200 W RPM: 15,000 Marked volume jug: 1.8 l Measured noise level (dB at 20 cm): 90 Dishwasher safe: No, only the fully dismantled glass jug Height of jug without lid: 24 cm Total height with lid: 42 cm Material jug: Glass Pulse function: Yes Pre-set programmes: 4 Cable length from rear edge: 99 cm Cable winder: Yes Rod: Yes Warranty period: 3 years Price class: Medium

Magimix 11610

The renowned Magimix brand was founded in France in the 1970s and their current blender model is simply called ‘Le Blender’. In the UK, you have a selection of colour options including black, orange, steel or chrome. Is this the best blender 2020 homeowners can buy? The blender has the majority of functions and characteristics that you'd expect: a stable design, pre-set programmes, a pulse function and a blender rod – all of which are easy to operate. One advantage of the blender rod is that it's designed like a spatula, making it easier to scrape the contents out of the jug. This is great if you're making things with a thicker consistency, such as pesto. The jug is made of thick and sturdy glass, and the motor unit is well balanced to enable it to remain stable during operation. The jug is quite heavy but has a convenient height of 24cm that allows it to be easily stored in the cupboard.

The Magimix jug blender performed extremely well in our tests. The only disappointing feature was the 60-second smoothie programme, which ran at a relatively low speed and left a lot of lumps in the smoothie. We feel that the majority of people will want a completely smooth smoothie, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a great blender for smoothies. It just means users should ignore this smoothie program and run it at full speed instead. Another weakness of the Le Blender is that its noise level was somewhat higher than the majority of other blenders we tested. In our test, we measured a noise level of 90dB at a distance of 20cm. While this is an OK noise level, it certainly isn’t the quietest available.

One thing to remember when using the Magimix Le Blender is that you can unscrew the bottom of the jug to make it easier to clean. However, we found that occasionally the bottom didn’t screw on sufficiently tight enough during our tests, resulting in the smoothie ending up all over the kitchen worktop. Despite this, the Magimix Le Blender remains an extremely well designed and effective kitchen appliance. Fans of kitchen gadgets are sure to love it.

Good resultsspecially designed blender rod/spatulasimple controls
Heavy jugrather noisypoor smoothie programme

3. Blendtec Classic 575

A high power blender with a light jug that can produce fantastic spreads, nut butter and smoothies!

Motor power: 2,200 W RPM: 28,000 Marked volume jug: 1 l Measured noise level (dB at 20 cm): 93 Height of jug without lid: 23 cm Total height with lid: 38 cm Material jug: Plastic Pulse function: Yes Pre-set programmes: 4 Cable length from rear edge: 123 cm Cable winder: No Rod: No Warranty period: 8 years Price class: Premium

Blendtec Classic 575

Blendtec is a well-known kitchen equipment manufacturer due to their popular YouTube series "Will it blend?". In this series, which has managed to accumulate millions of online views, they put their blenders to the test by blending anything from the new model of iPad to a jug full of golf balls. Clever marketing aside, this is indeed a really good blender provided you are willing to spend a little bit of money on it. If you are seeking a budget blender then you should probably keep scrolling down our guide.

The Blendtec Classic 575 isn’t that tall, with its jug a mere 23cm in height and the blender’s total height measuring in at just 38cm. Other than that, this small blender is light, easy to use and has a stable base. The buttons on the console are on a discreet and elegant panel built into the motor unit, allowing the blender to be easily wiped down. One great function of the blender is its digital display, which has a timer that counts down how many seconds remain when using a pre-set programme - or count up the seconds if you run the blender without a programme. We found this made food preparation feel easier as it gives you a feel for how long it takes to prepare certain dishes. This high end blender also earns plus points for the safety features of this device; there's a switch on the back which makes it more difficult for children to start the machine themselves.

Despite its compact size, the blender packs an impressive motor power of 2200W. This is the real reason why the machine performed so well in our tests – it's quite simply in a class of its own. For spreads, you won't be able to get smoother hummus in 60 seconds. When making a sweetcorn dip and smoothies, the results were also exemplary. Ice is crushed as small as you'd want it for a daiquiri, even if the jug does shake a lot due to its lighter weight when the ice is crushed.

So, is the Blendtec Classic 575 the perfect blender for those smoothies with ice? Well, it does have some shortcomings. The worst of these is probably its noise level, which was 93dB at a distance of 20cm. The stated maximum volume of the jug is also only 1.0 litre. Even though there is a little more space in the jug, if you are intending to make big batches of smoothies for the whole family this model is perhaps not the one for you. The buttons of the Blendtec also felt a little less natural than controlling the blender’s speed using a dial, as was often the case with the other blender models. The lack of a blender rod is another downside compared to other machines. However, on balance this proved to be a good-quality blender with high levels of functionality. Just remember it isn’t quiet.

Really good spreads and smoothieslightgood timer
High noise levelsmall juglacks blender rod

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4. Vitamix TNC 5200

A high-quality smoothie mixer which is fantastic at making smoothies and crushing ice!

Motor power: 1,200 W RPM: 30,000 Marked volume jug: 2 l Measured noise level (dB at 20 cm): 86 Dishwasher safe: No Height of jug without lid: 26 cm Total height with lid: 51 cm Material jug: BPA-free plastic Pulse function: No Pre-set programmes: No Heating function: Yes Rec. maximum use time: None stated Cable length from rear edge: 207 cm Cable winder: Yes Rod: Yes Warranty period: 7 years Price class: Premium

Vitamix TNC 5200

The Vitamix TNC 5200 is certainly a premium jug blender and ice crusher. Vitamix is a well-known brand, with many juice bars using professional versions of their machines. This TNC 5200 model has been around for a number of years and many comparative tests with similarly priced Blendtec blenders exist online. We have been using the Vitamix TNC 5200 for several years and despite having used it a great deal, it shows no signs of deteriorating performance or wear and tear. It’s a solid, high-quality smoothie mixer with a robust jug made from hard plastic. Two important characteristics of the TNC 5200 is that it has a motor that can run for a long time - and it is able to heat food as it is mixes!

The TNC 5200 produced consistently good results in our tests. It was fantastic when making smoothies, with the results being really well mixed and smooth. Even when using it to crush ice, it produced top-class results despite the fact that it lacks an ice programme.

The jug narrows at the bottom, allowing it to mix the ingredients really well. However, this shape can sometimes be problematic as larger ingredients can easily get stuck above the cutting blades. Thankfully, the TNC 5200 comes with a blender rod to help avoid this issue. Since the blender jug is relatively tall, it can also be difficult to store and scrape out its contents. It can also feel a bit wobbly at times. Oddly, the blender lacks both a pulse function and pre-set programmes, which actually makes the blender feel strangely complicated. With fewer controls, it feels a little difficult to use and get the results you want. It's also rather poor in terms of safety as the blender can start at maximum speed if you leave the turbo button on. Despite these minor shortfalls, the Vitamix was one of the best blenders in our test. Vitamix is a popular kitchen device manufacturer amongst foodies and kitchen gadget nerds. The high quality of the machine means that it will be one of your best friends in the kitchen for many years to come.

Fantastic at making smoothies and crushing icehigh qualityhas a heating function
Poor controlsfewer safety featurescan feel wobbly

5. Philips HR3752

A vacuum blender that gives your smoothie the coolest colours

Price class: Medium Motor power: 1400 W Rpm: 35,000 Marked volume jug: 1.8 l Measured noise level (dB at 20 cm): 92 Height of jug without lid: 25.5 cm Total height with lid: 43 cm Material, jug: Plastic Pulse function: Yes Pre-set programmes: Yes Cable length from rear edge: 110 cm Cable winder: No Stir stick: No Warranty period: 2 years

Philips HR3752

The HR3752 is a slightly more expensive medium class model in Philips’ high speed range, and with a speed of 35,000 rpm it certainly is incredibly fast. But what makes the HR3752 really unique is that you can blend your ingredients in a vacuum. The lid of the jug is integrated with a stand making it possible to empty the jug of air before you start blending. According to Philips, this means the flavour and freshness of the drink is retained for longer.

A stable, high-performance machine

The angled blades mean the blender cuts and blends efficiently. The suction cups holding the machine in place keep it stable despite the high speeds it reaches. The settings are wonderfully simple and easy to use. You learn how to use the vacuum function quickly, and it takes just a couple of extra minutes to empty the jug of air.

The encapsulated buttons make the blender relatively easy to use. The jug is made of light plastic, which means it feels – unsurprisingly – rather plasticky. But the fact that it's light is something many users will appreciate.

One downside is that there’s no cable winder on the HR3752, which means it doesn’t look very tidy if you have the blender sitting out on the kitchen worktop. Another disadvantage, probably due to the vacuum function, is that the blender can’t tolerate temperatures greater than 40 °C. This is really low, so if you're planning to prepare hot stock, for example, this is the wrong product for you.

Stunning smoothies

The Philips HR3752’s vacuum function makes it really stand out in our tests compared to other blenders. The strawberry smoothie that we prepare comes out much redder than the ones from all the other blenders. And the same applies when we make gazpacho. The flavour is also slightly different. It’s not necessarily tastier, but there’s definitely a difference. The high speed means that everything we prepare comes out really well blended – almost the same quality as the best premium blenders. And the same applies when we crush ice. The ice is perfect for using in a margarita or a mojito.

Overall, the HR3752 is a really good blender for anyone who makes a lot of smoothies and perhaps occasionally wants to blend a special cocktail.

Gorgeous and finely blended smoothies and soupsperfect crushed iceeasy to use
Can’t tolerate heat over 40 °Cno cable winderno stir stick

6. Philips ProBlend 6 Viva Collection HR3556

An easy-to-use blender that’s affordable and also easy to store!

Motor power: 700 W RPM: 28,000 Marked volume jug: 1.5 l Measured noise level (dB at 20 cm): 86 Dishwasher safe: Yes Height of jug without lid: 25 cm Total height with lid: 42 cm Material jug: Glass, on-the-go container in BPA-free plastic Limit for temperature of ingredients: Max. 60°C Pulse function: Yes Pre-set programmes: No Heating function: No Rec. maximum use time: 2 min Cable length from rear edge: 84 cm Cable winder: No, but there is space Rod: No Warranty period: 2 years Price class: Budget

Philips HR3556

As everyone knows, Philips produces a wide range of household machines. Within their blender department alone, they offer 10 models to choose between, with prices from less than £50 to several hundred. This Viva blender has a power of 700 W and falls into the lower mid-section of their range. The ProBlend 6 (HR3556) is easy to use and has only one control panel with large symbols. This also means that it lacks pre-set programmes with timers, but it does have a pulse function. The jug is made from thick glass and is easily installed into a locked position on the motor unit, which keeps it stable. The motor section is relatively light, which means that the blender can feel a little wobbly. However, this is counteracted by the base having suction cups to keep it firmly attached to the worktop. The blender also includes a neat portable mixer that means you can mix directly in a plastic smoothie mug.

The base of the jug on the ProBlend 6 Viva Collection can be unscrewed. This is useful for thorough cleaning, even if it also means that there's a slight risk of it coming undone when the jug is full – so remember to keep it properly screwed on! In terms of results, it's clear that the ProBlend 6 Viva Collection is a slightly more affordable model. When we make smoothies, it does a reasonable job but no more. And during the preparation of a range of spreads, there are quite a lot of large pieces left. You can crush ice with it if it's in a smoothie, but if there's only ice in the blender it's a bit less satisfactory. However, this applies to the majority of blenders. One problem is that the cable is only 84 cm long. This makes it quite difficult to position it in many places in the kitchen. In purely practical terms, however, the blender is easy to store as the jug is short, and the entire jug is dishwasher-safe, which is useful.

Easy to use and storemotor section has suction cups
Poorer results than many modelslacks pre-set programmesshort cable

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7. Kitchenaid Artisan 5KSB5553

A robustly designed blender which is also available in many different colours

Motor power: 550 W RPM: 12,000 Marked volume jug: 1.5 l Measured noise level (dB at 20 cm): 86 Height of jug without lid: 24 cm Total height with lid: 38 cm Material jug: Glass Pulse function: Yes Pre-set programmes: No Cable length from rear edge: 117 cm Cable winder: Yes Rod: No Warranty period: 3 years Price class: Medium

KitchenAid Artisan 5KSB5553EER

Kitchenaid is perhaps the world's best-known brand for kitchen appliances. They first started manufacturing kitchen appliances nearly one hundred years ago, with their most famous appliance being their stand mixers. The retro design of the Artisan 5KSB5553 blender is largely unchanged from the original 1930s model and it’s available in 13 different colours. It's a robust machine, with a substantial motor section in cast metal that gives it excellent stability. The jug is made of thick glass and is only 24cm tall which makes it easy to store. The set also includes a handy 0.75-litre blender container if you want to blend larger amounts. The control panel and its buttons are without edges and joints, making them particularly easy to clean.

Unfortunately, while Kitchenaid’s blenders have held onto their retro designs, their functionality and performance haven’t evolved with the times either. The majority of their competitors have increased the motor powers of their blenders in recent years to cope with the increasing demands of consumers. Kitchenaid has stuck to a power level of just 550W, which is less than half that of their competitors. The maximum speed is also only a low 12,000 rpm, which means that it can't mix and crush as well as other blenders. Nor does it have pre-set programmes. Kitchenaid’s recommended blending speeds for various processes are significantly lower than for other appliances, and they typically give less impressive results. But of course, these blending results are also a question of taste.

The Kitchenaid Artisan is one of the few models that has buttons to regulate the blending speed instead of a knob. This unfortunately makes it more difficult to use. In our tests, the Artisan didn’t perform as well as those comparable models when making smoothies and spreads, with significantly more larger chunks remaining. However, it performed extremely well at crushing ice. There's no cable winder underneath the machine, which means that despite the short length of its cable, it can take up unnecessary space and collect dirt on the kitchen worktop. As such, the Kitchenaid is great for those who prioritise design and would primarily be a nice statement piece in a well-designed kitchen.

Robust designeasy to cleanavailable in 13 colours
Weak motorlarge pieces left in smoothies and spreadsno pre-set programmes

Everything about Blenders

More of us are becoming increasingly conscious about the food we eat. Organic foods, raw foods, vegan foods and simply more nutritious foods are becoming increasingly popular. A blender is essential for many of these styles of eating and especially a much-loved kitchen accessory for vegans. So, you’re not alone if you’ve been thinking about buying a blender for your kitchen worktop recently! These days they are becoming as common a machine in the kitchen as a kettle or toaster. Blenders – sometimes called mixers – are a kitchen appliance which can be used in many different ways. They allow you to easily make hot and cold foods including smoothies, juices, soups, crush ice or even delicious hollandaise sauce. To a large extent, a blender can replace what a food processor, stick blender or juice squeezer used to do. There are loads of recipes on the internet for tasty smoothies and soups that you can prepare in just a couple of minutes. It's a lovely feeling on a Sunday morning to quickly be able to make up a healthy glass of smoothie from coconut milk, chia seeds, banana and apple.

The range of blenders has also increased exponentially over recent years, with more models having stronger motors even for home use. Having a blender that can do everything has become a status symbol – just look at Blendtec's YouTube series "Will It Blend?", which has amassed millions of views. Some brands have even started measuring the motor strength of their blenders in horsepower rather than watts. You can get blenders with up to 4 hp motors – the speed of a small outboard motor! Blenders are also among the few kitchen appliances that children will think are fun to use. The "smoothie challenge" is a well-known social media concept that is popular amongst many children and younger people.

So what factors are important to consider when you choose a blender? Pretty much all blenders consist of the same five parts: a tall container of hard plastic or a glass jug, a motor unit with a control panel, a lid, a smaller centre lid through which to add ingredients, and in some cases, a mixer rod to stir the jug’s contents or scrape it out. All of these parts are relatively easy to use and clean. We think that the biggest factor when choosing a blender is whether it can do the job you most want – how well does it make dips, smoothies and soups, or crush ice. In addition to this, there are other practical aspects to consider such as quality, user-friendliness, noise level, how easy it is to store the blender, whether it can be cleaned in the dishwasher, how the different parts are designed and, of course, its price.

One thing we found with all of the blenders in this test is that they were all very easy to clean. As a result, we put less of an emphasis on this factor in the final scores. Another rule of thumb when choosing a blender is to get one with a strong motor, ideally one with 800-watt power or above. Many people expect plenty of results from their blenders, expecting them to quickly smash up large bits of vegetables and nuts, prepare ice cream and mix heavy spreads. As such, many people become very frustrated with motors that are too weak, which also often give off a slight burning smell or eventually break down completely. While a strong motor is therefore useful, they are perhaps less environmentally friendly as they consume more energy. At the same time, you often won't use a blender for more than a few minutes at a time, so you won’t notice a massive difference in energy consumption and household bills.

Another simple tip is to buy a blender with a mixer rod, as this will make food preparation significantly easier. Sticking to a few basic rules during food preparation is perhaps as important as when you choose your blender model. Always start by adding the liquid to the blender jug first. If you are blending lots of hard ingredients and large pieces add them a little by little, otherwise you’ll risk getting the ingredients stuck above the blades. Always put the heaviest things at the top of the jug so that they will help to push all of the contents down towards the blades. When you crush ice (or other hard ingredients), always add a little water to start with to help facilitate the blending.

We tested 12 of the most well-known blenders for home use in several different price classes, including models from Vitamix, Blendtec and Magimix. However, we didn’t look at the cheapest variants from these brands which had weaker motors, nor the most expensive models which are primarily intended for professional use in restaurants and juice bars.

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