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Top 6 Best Travel cots of 2022


In need of a cozy and safe place for your baby to sleep when away from home? We've tested travel cots from brands such as Babybjorn and Bugaboo. For a travel cot to become best in test, it needs to be comfortable for the baby, easy and quick to fold up and down and preferably be able to accommodate children of different ages.

Top 9 Best Travel cots of 2022

How we did the test

Our tests are independently conducted and reflect the test editor's honest and objective opinions. Selection of products and test results are in no way influenced by manufacturers, retailers or other internal or external parties.

We carry out our tests ourselves and test all products as they are intended to be used in reality. In our test of travel cots, we asked normal families with small children from newborn up to preschool age to test different models of cot. They were used in summer homes, taken on car trips to visit relatives, travelled by train to ski resorts and went on holidays in the sun. The families and children then evaluated the travel cot – what it’s like to use both from the child and adult’s perspective. We also asked an expert in children’s products to provide their opinion on each travel cot.

  • Use: Is the cot comfortable for the child to sleep in, can the height of the sleeping surface be adjusted and is it easy for the parent to put the child into or remove them from the cot?

  • Transport and storage: How much space does the cot take up when unfolded and how neat is it when folded. Does it include a storage bag and is the cot light to carry?

  • Assembly: Is it easy to assemble the cot, how long does it take to unfold and are any instructions easy to understand?

As well as these aspects, each travel cot’s design and price have been taken into account. The final opinion has then formed the basis for giving the product a score and has determined which travel cot was named as best in test.

1. Stokke Cloud Sleeper - BEST CHOICE

Super compact travel cot in the form of a comfortable air mattress, suitable for children over 3 years of age

Price range: Premium Size when folded: 38 x 28 x 10 cm Size when raised: 150 x 75 x 17 cm Weight with storage bag: 1.4 kg Mattress: Included Mattress dimensions: 150 x 75 cm Adjustable base: No Max. weight: 68 kg Storage bag: Included Wash: TPU mattress: Wipe off dirt or stains with a wet cloth Mesh cover: machine washable at 30 degrees

Stoke Cloud Sleeper doesn't belong anywhere but in the travel cot category, but it’s not like other travel cots on the market. A more correct name would perhaps be to call it a travel mattress. The Cloud Sleeper is an extremely compact air mattress, which can fit into a small backpack and be a comfortable sleeping place for larger children in no time.

Built-up edges ensure that your baby never rolls off

The Cloud Sleeper comes with an integrated pump, so no extra accessories are needed to get your baby’s bed ready. The bed can quickly be inflated by an adult, resulting in a soft and comfortable sleeping place. The Cloud Sleeper has raised sides to prevent your baby from rolling off the bed while sleeping. This is something that actually works, as children have never rolled off when sleeping – something which has happened several times on ordinary air mattresses.

The minimum recommended age is 3 years, but testing also shows that a 1.5 year-old slept comfortably and without discomfort. The Cloud Sleeper has a cover that breathes well, and the child does not feel cold or sweaty. And the mattress is impressively durable. After being inflated as instructed, the Cloud Sleeper could be used daily for one month without the need to add air.

Super smart travel cot that works in all positions

Besides the actual Cloud Sleeper, we did note something about the storage bag. The design is smart. Double zips allow the bed to be compressed for extra compactness after deflating. But after the first use, a large tear occured along the seam in the bag. It could still be used, but the fact that it got holes felt like a shame for an otherwise good and well thought-out product.

As a travel cot, the Cloud Sleeper is incredibly versatile. It works as an extra bed for a relative, to have at home when your child’s friends want to sleep over, to take with you on trips, or when camping. The fact is that the Cloud Sleeper works in all situations, is so small that it fits in a larger handbag, and gives the child a safe and good sleep. It’s hard to imagine how a travel cot could be more affordable and practical than the Stokke Cloud Sleeper.

Extremely smallvery good sleeping comfortlong shelf lifegood durability
The storage bag quickly brokesuitable from approx. 3 years of age

2. Baby Björn Light

Airy and spacious travel cot that’s easy to fold and unfold

Price class: Premium Size, folded: 49 x 60 x 14 cm Size, unfolded: 82 x 112 x 64 cm Weight with storage bag: 6 kg Mattress: Included Mattress dimensions: 60 x 105 cm Adjustable bottom: No Maximum weight: No maximum weight Storage bag: Included Washable: Cot fabric: Machine wash 40 degrees Mattress cover: Machine wash 60 degrees

BabyBjörn BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light

Baby Björn’s Light travel cot is one of the more expensive models on the market but it’s quickly clear that this is a quality product. The travel cot comes in a storage bag with simple carrying handles. The Baby Björn Light is small enough when folded to make the travel cot easy to handle, and easy to get in the car even with other baggage. As the name implies, it’s also light, weighing just 6 kg. The travel cot includes a mattress that you fasten in the bottom so it can’t slide about. You can buy special fitted sheets, but you can also use normal sheets. It’s pretty much impossible to fail at unfolding the cot, and folding it is easy too provided you’ve read the exhaustive instructions that come with it.

There’s nothing negative to say about comfort levels for the sleeping child. The mattress isn’t particularly thick, but it’s perfectly sufficient for a child to sleep on and the bed area is very spacious. Because the bottom is on the floor, there’s no upper weight limit. So as long as the child has space to sleep comfortably, you can use the Baby Björn Light as a travel cot or extra bed. The construction is so stable that even a child of around one year can lean against the edges for support while standing without there being any risk that the cot will tip over. It’s quite deep down to the bottom, which is a minus when you need to lay a small child or a sleeping child in the cot. But the Baby Björn Light is convenient in every other way, and in many ways this is the essence of the modern travel cot.

Very straightforward to unfoldlong period of usehigh quality materials
A long way down to the bottom if you’re laying down a sleeping child

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BabyBjörn Travel Cot Light, Black


BabyBjörn Travel Cot Light


3. Bugaboo Stardust

High quality travel cot for young children in families that travel a lot

Price class: Premium Size, folded: 85 x 63 x 15 cm Size, unfolded: 98 x 63 x 85 cm Weight with storage bag: 8.5 kg Mattress: Included Mattress dimensions: 90 x 52 cm Adjustable bottom: Yes Maximum weight: Infant position: 9 kg Lower position: 15 kg or max. 89 cm long child Storage case: Included Washable: 30 degrees machine wash for all fabrics

Bugaboo Stardust Travel Cot

The classic, simple model of travel cot – as many parents already know – means a tough wrestling match every time you need to set it up or dismantle it. And it’s rare that you feel like a winner afterwards. So it’s nice that the characteristic that most stands out with the Bugaboo Stardust is that the cot is amazingly easy to handle.

Quick and easy folding

To unfold the travel cot, you undo two press studs on each side and pull apart. The cot is ready for your child to sleep in it in seconds. To fold the Stardust again, you press in the white buttons on the long sides of the cot and push the cot bottom upwards with your foot. The cot folds up square and flat, making it easy to pack into your car.

The Bugaboo Stardust’s cot bottom can be adjusted to two different heights. The higher, newborn, position places the baby at a very comfortable height from the parent's perspective. It’s a bit fiddly to get the bottom into newborn position, as the zip is in a corner where it’s difficult to reach. When you’re folding the cot in newborn position, the mattress must first be removed. In the lower height position, the mattress can stay in place when the Stardust is folded.

Maximum length reduces use time

The main disadvantage with the Bugaboo Stardust is the short period of use. The maximum weight of 15 kg is standard. However, the maximum length of the cot is 89 cm, which means your child will grow out of it at about two years of age. But much else about this travel cot is good. The mattress is soft and comfortable. All of the covers can be removed and washed in a washing machine. And the included storage case is sturdy and keeps the cot clean during trips.

When it comes to children, there’s never any guarantee of a good night's sleep. But the adjustable sleeping area height, together with good sleeping comfort and extremely convenient folding provide the best possible conditions. Although the cot is expensive, the Bugaboo Stardust can be considered as worth its price if you plan to spend many nights away from home during the first year with your baby.

Easy to foldadjustable cot bottom heightcomfortable mattresscompact when folded
Rather short period of usea bit fiddly to set up newborn position

4. Nuna Sena Aire

Versatile and sturdy travel cot with a good baby position, best suited as an extra cot

Price range: Premium Size when folded: 86 x 30 x 24 cm Size when raised: 103 x 76 x 73 cm Weight with storage bag: Approx. 13 kg Mattress: Included Mattress dimensions: 94 x 65 cm Adjustable base: Yes Max. weight: 15 kg Storage bag: Included Wash: Surface wash only

Nuna Sena Aire

Nuna Sena Aire is a foldable travel cot that can be used from newborn and up to 15 kg. The maximum height of the child is given as 86 cm, but the bed can accommodate much taller children than this. The mesh net on the sides of the bed allows the baby to look out, and allows air to circulate easily throughout the cot. The design is unusually pretty for a travel cot. Nuna Sena Aire is neutrally stylish and could be displayed in any room.

Super easy to set up and fold back together

The first thing that comes to mind is how easy it is to set up the Nuna Sena Aire. There is a good manual, but it is not needed – you instinctively understand how to do it. Folding it back together is just as easy. This means that you don't have to shy away from folding the Sena Aire together if, for example, you need more space in your bedroom or hotel room during the day.

A bassinet comes with the Sena Aire, for babies who can't roll or sit yet. It hangs on the edges of the bed and raises the bed base by 10 cm, making the total height 38 cm above the ground. This makes it more gentle on the parent’s back, when they need to put down or pick up their baby. As your baby grows, you can remove the bassinet to create an even larger sleeping area, which can comfortably fit children up to the age of 2-3.

Safe travel cot with a larger design

Sena Aire should be given extra praise for the safety of its structure. There are no unprotected parts where children or adults could get their fingers caught. The metal frame of the bed is padded along the entire inside, so that children cannot hurt themselves if they hit the walls of the bed. The included sheet is specially adapted for Sena Aire. The mattress’s velcro fastener is pulled through the sheet to ensure a perfect fit. It is also possible to make up the bed using a standard sheet; however, then the mattress cannot be attached to the bottom of the bed.

Considering the bed’s dimensions, both folded and unfolded, and how much it weighs, Sena Aire might be better suited as an extra bed in a summer cottage or at a relative's house if you often spend the night there. It is a bit heavy and clumsy to carry with you on a train journey, and takes up quite a lot of space in the car. But as a sleep space, Nuna Sena Aire is an excellent choice of travel cot for your child’s first few years.

Feels very safespacious sleeping surfacegood baby basketeasy to set up and fold back togetherstylish design
Surface washable onlylargequite heavy

5. BabyTrold

Classic travel cot with a twist in the form of a clever hatch for the child to crawl into the cot through

Price class: Budget Size, folded: 78 x 21 x 20 cm Size, unfolded: 125 x 65 x 77 cm Weight with storage bag: 9.1 kg Mattress: Yes Mattress dimensions: 118 x 58 cm Adjustable bottom: No Maximum weight: 15 kg Storage bag: Yes Wash: No information

BabyTrold Travel Cot with Opening

BabyTrold’s travel cot is a classic model that many parents will recognise, with a little twist in the form of a practical opening at the foot end of the cot. With a zip you can open up a hatch large enough for the child to be able to crawl in and out of the cot on their own. This is a function that was very popular with the children testing the cot. The BabyTrold travel cot comes in a storage bag that you can carry with you. But this isn’t a bag that you pop on your shoulder when you’re going to cycle over to a friend and want to put your baby down to sleep once you’re there, because it's relatively large when folded and above all rather heavy. This is more of an exemplary extra bed to have at home for visitors, or for a longer stay in a holiday home you get to by car.

The cot has two lockable wheels, so it’s easy to roll around indoors. On the outside of the head end is a storage pocket, which is the right size for an extra set of bedclothes. The mattress is quite thin but does have a layer of padding. You attach it to the bottom of the cot with Velcro straps to keep it in place. There are instructions for how to unfold the cot on the bottom of the cot, which is very useful. It isn’t difficult to unfold the BabyTrold travel cot, but it takes a few attempts before you understand the technique and do the steps in the right order. Folding it up is just the same. To get everything into the storage bag again you have to wind the mattress around the folded cot frame and fasten everything together with Velcro straps. This isn’t difficult but you have to pull on it so the joints come together in the right place. For use as a more long-term travel cot in a single place, the BabyTrold delivers exactly what you’d expect given the reasonable price tag.

Clever opening so an older child can climb in and out themselvesspacious sleeping area
Large when foldedheavy to carry

6. BabyDan

Price class: Budget Size, folded: 80 x 21 x 20 cm Size, unfolded: 125 x 65 x 78 cm Weight with storage bag: 7.9 kg Mattress: Yes Mattress dimensions: 115 x 58 cm Adjustable bottom: No Maximum weight: 15 kg Storage bag: Yes Wash: No information

BabyDan Guard Me Travel Cot

BabyDan’s travel cot is a classic model that’s been available under many different names. This type of travel cot is a very good alternative for anyone who wants a stable and spacious cot for as small a price tag as possible. Folding and unfolding work well when you’ve understood the order in which you should carry out the steps involved. The travel cot comes with clear instructions, and it’s a good idea to really get to know these as it’s easy to lose them over time. The travel cot has wheels on one end, which means you can lift it by the other and then easily roll it around. The wheels can be locked when the cot is in the right position. On the outside of the head end of the travel cot is a large storage pocket with an elasticated opening. This is useful for essentials or to put bedclothes in if you want to use the travel cot as a playpen during the day.

The long sides of the cot are made from mesh fabric, which lets in plenty of air to the sleeping child. The bed surface is comparable in size with a normal cot, and this together with the maximum weight of 15 kg means that BabyDan’s travel cot can usually be used up for children up to three years of age. The included mattress has thin padding but worked fine for our test children to sleep on Even though there are many similar models, BabyDan have been successful at getting the cot frame and mattress to fit together when the cot has to be packed in its storage case. The mattress has to be wound around the frame and fastened together with Velcro, and this works really well. The cot is manageable in size when it’s folded up. It weighs quite a bit, but you can carry it. Even though this travel cot doesn’t fold up really small or weigh as little as possible, you’ll undoubtedly be happy with the BabyDan travel cot.

Good valuespacious bed areaeasy to fold up to put in the storage bag
Quite large when foldedit takes a while to learn how to unfold and fold it

All about Travel cots

A travel cot is a place for your child to sleep that’s easy to transport with you on your travels. If you choose between a cot or travel cot for everyday use, a cot is the most common choice. Traditional wooden cots are often more stable and have a design that fits better into the bedroom decor. But they are also both heavy and bulky, while a travel cot can more easily be folded into a compact package. There are a wide range of travel cots in many different models. Some of these are specially designed for infants, in that they're height adjustable so your baby is higher up. With others you can attach a changing table to the travel cot to get a good working height for changing nappies. And other travel cots for babies are about the same size as a cradle and have their own stand. These smaller travel cots designed with babies in mind have a shorter period of use and lower maximum weight. Many parents also wonder whether to use a buggy or travel cot on holiday. The advantage of a travel cot is that the child gets a larger area to move around in their sleep. And many carrycots aren’t approved for use as an overnight sleeping place. If the child is using a stroller seat unit, you also need to make sure they are wearing a harness for safety reasons, and a travel cot with a soft mattress can offer much better comfort for sleeping.

For larger children it’s important that the travel cot has a high maximum weight and plenty of space. It can also be useful if the travel cot has an opening or a removable side so you don’t always have to lift your child in and out of it. The length of time you can use a travel cot varies, but many of the classic models work up to at least three or four years of age. If you have twins, while the children are small you can let them share the same travel cot, either lying side-by-side or top and tail with a blanket each. Most travel cots include a mattress. But these are often quite thin. If you want to make the bed softer, mattresses for normal cots often work just as well in the larger model travel cots.

Folding and unfolding a travel cot isn’t always very easy, so you need to check that this is a straightforward process before buying. Some of them fold in several different stages, while other, pop-up travel cots can be unfolded in no time at all. There are two factors that are particularly important from a transport viewpoint. The travel cot must be light enough for you to be able to carry it with you. And it should take up as little space as possible when folded so that you can fit it into the car or on the train as baggage. There are even travel cots that fold up so small that you can take them on board a plane as hand baggage. If you’re going to be travelling with your own travel cot, as well as the size of the cot it’s also important to ensure that there’s a good storage case to pack it in.

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