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Garden Shredders Bosch AXT Rapid 2200

Bosch AXT Rapid 2200

Garden Shredder, 230V, Overload protection



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Three tips for buying a garden shredder

Depending on the shape and size of your garden, it may be worth considering how mobile your compost mill needs to be. Traditionally, there are two versions available: with or without a collector.

  • With a collector: These varieties collect your compost in a collector underneath, which you can then easily take out so that you can carry all your compost with you. However, these are not as mobile, as you do not need to move the mill, but only the collected contents.

  • Without a collector: This is a good choice if you want to grind compost over time, or if it is not suitable for collection for some other reason. This is also suitable for those of you who intend to place the shredder in the same place, for example at your composting area, and then carry all the branches there to be shredded. Compost shredders without collectors are usually the cheapest option.

Most compost shredders that are suitable for household use will be connected to the mains and will therefore need to be connected using a cord. These can offer high performance along with easy maintenance.

If you need a compost shredder that can chew through really tough things and cope with very large jobs, there are petrol-driven variants that offer extra power.

A compost shredder is an outdoor machine, and is therefore exposed to more wear and tear than other machines. Make sure your compost shredder lasts a long time by, for example, ensuring that the frame is made of steel, and that the plastic components have UV protection. It is also not wrong to look at warranties to get an idea of what will last in the long run.

Do you have a garden of a larger size you might wonder what to do with all the material thats left after shredding? Read more here for tips that come in handy for any DIY gardener.

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