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Lawn Scarifier

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Feider FST212 Petrol Lawn Scarifier

Feider FST212 Petrol Lawn Scarifier

If your lawn's looking a bit tired, discoloured and patchy due to a build-up of moss and thatch on its surface, this premium petrol scarifier from superior European brand Feider provides the perfect solution to the problem!\nIts 18 sharp-tipped steel blades will gently - but comprehensively - tease-out any accumulation that might be stifling growth, in turn enabling the turf to thrive and flourish once again. With the working-depth set to a lower position, the blades will cut practically invisible slits in the ground so as to provide water, oxygen and vital nutrients with better access to the root-system. \nThe Feider FST212 Lawn Scarifier has been equipped with a most-powerful-in-class 212cc air-cooled four-stroke OHV engine that develops an impressive 3hp; and which features an extra-roomy 3.6-litre fuel-tank that minimises downtime and maximises productivity. \nLarge, 17.5cm-diameter double-ball-bearing wheels ensure a comfortable, low-effort run across rough or rolling terrain; while a sizeable 45cm working-width and capacious 35-litre thatch-catcher mean you'll be able to cover a substantial area (up to 2000m2) in quick-time.\nThis model gives you the choice of eight preset working-depths (-15 to +5mm), so you can select the one that's the best match for the condition of your lawn.\nFurther important features include a steel housing for rugged durability; and a foldable soft-grip handlebar for easy storage and improved user-comfort.\nPlease Note: This product currently ships with a dark grey livery (and not orange).
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