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Sous Vide

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Sous vide is the French name for vacuum, and a sous vide cooks food that is vacuum packed. You place the vacuum-packed raw material in a water bath and set the desired temperature that you want it to get. Once the raw material has reached the set temperature, the machine switches off, thus getting the raw material perfectly cooked.

With a sous vide, you can be sure that the ingredients you want to cook will be at exactly the temperature you want. So you can get perfect results every time.

Det beror på flera faktorer, exempelvis din budget och vilken storlek du behöver. Det finns modeller som bara kostar några hundralappar, medan andra mer avancerade modeller går att hitta för tusenlappar. Om du vill jämföra ett gäng populära modeller kan du gärna läsa vårt test av sous vides.

Three tips when buying a sous vide

Essentially, there are two different types of sous vides: a circulator that you can use in any optional container, and a sous vide machine with an integrated water bath.

  • Sous vide machine has the advantage that it usually comes with an insulated lid that provides a more even temperature, and therefore shortens the cooking time. The machine is also practical for cooking for many people. One disadvantage is that the machine requires more space for storage.

  • A sous vide circulator is attached to the edge of a pot or saucepan. One advantage of this model is that it is often somewhat cheaper than a sous vide machine, and takes up much less space. However, circulators often consume a little more energy, and you'll have to keep an eye on the water level to prevent it from evaporating.

Sous vides usually come with a range of temperatures between 20–99°C, but the exact temperature range differs between different models. Depending on what you’re preparing, it’s important that the sous vide can be set to the right temperature. For example, potatoes and vegetables require a higher cooking temperature than fish and meat.

Before buying a sous vide, it’s a good idea to check the standard cooking temperatures for different foods. You can read more in this guide on what temperatures to cook your meat in, in order to cook it perfectly, and safe from bacteria.

Using a sous vide with a built-in timer makes it easier to keep track of the cooking time. Cooking in a sous vide usually takes several hours, and with a timer you don't have to constantly monitor the food. When the timer is finished, the sous vide switches off automatically, which minimises the risk of overcooked food.

Combined with a vacuum sealer, you can use a vacuum sealer to cook some truly delicious meals. Here are some inspirational recipes.