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Sous Vide Breville Joule

Breville Joule

Sous Vide, Built-in Wi-Fi, Mobile App Controlled, 40L



Sous vide is the French name for vacuum, and a sous vide cooks food that is vacuum packed. You place the vacuum-packed raw material in a water bath and set the desired temperature that you want it to get. Once the raw material has reached the set temperature, the machine switches off, thus getting the raw material perfectly cooked.

It depends on several factors, such as your budget and the size you need. There are models that only cost a few hundred punds, while other more advanced models can be found for thousands.

Det beror på flera faktorer, exempelvis din budget och vilken storlek du behöver. Det finns modeller som bara kostar några hundralappar, medan andra mer avancerade modeller går att hitta för tusenlappar. Om du vill jämföra ett gäng populära modeller kan du gärna läsa vårt test av sous vides.


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