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Dry Shampoos Batiste Original Dry Shampoo 200ml

Batiste Original Dry Shampoo 200ml

Dry Shampoo, Volume, Scented, Strengthening, Nourishing



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An aerosol, powder or foam product that contains moisture-absorbing agents like starch, cornflower and ingredients like alcohol. They work to absorb oil and grease in your hair and scalp to make it look clean and/or used in hairstyling to create volume and body.

Foam, powder and spray dry shampoo should all be applied on dry hair and close to the roots, and most importantly, should only be applied on greasy areas of your scalp.

  • Aerosol: Make sure to shake the can before use, as the starch in the formula can settle at the bottom. Hold and spray four to six inches away from your scalp. Make sure you don’t spray continuously in one section, use sweeping motions to get an even spread and to avoid dusty looking roots. Let the dry shampoo rest for a minute, then brush or shake your hair to distribute the dry shampoo.
  • Powder: The only difference from the spray is that you sprinkle instead. Some brands come with an applicator brush, but you can also sprinkle the powder with your hands. A top tip is to avoid putting the powder on your part, this can have the opposite desired effect.
  • Foam: Apply the foam to the greasy areas with your hands. You don’t have to wait for foam dry shampoo to settle, once it’s applied, you’re ready to go.

You don’t have to limit yourself to only using dry shampoo in the morning when you don’t feel like washing your hair. Applying it before going to bed actually gives the product extra time to absorb excess oils and a more even result. It can also be used to boost volume and add some extra bounce to your hair. Using dry shampoo before you work out helps prevent sweat and oil from doing a number on your scalp. Meaning you won’t have to wash your hair after every workout, which your hair will thank you for!

3 tips when shopping for a dry shampoo

Dry shampoo can provide the refreshing scent of newly washed hair without the need for water. But if you’re sensitive or allergic to fragrances, it’s a good idea to choose a fragrance-free option.

If you're keen on a scented dry shampoo, but don't want to take a trip to the store to test it out, consider citrus fragrances as they're typically more discreet.

Dry shampoos usually come in spray form, but did you know there are other types available too?

  • Dry shampoo in spray form is easy to apply and spread evenly through your hair. There's an abundance of options to suit your hair colour and scent preference.

  • If you go for a powder dry shampoo, you'll want to sprinkle it onto your roots, let it sit for a bit, and then brush it out. This works for most hair colours. The powder might be trickier to spread around evenly. And if you use too much, you might end up with a dusty look.

  • There's the mousse version of dry shampoo, which resembles traditional styling mousse. One key difference is that the foam can make your hair appear slightly damp initially, whereas spray and powder dry shampoos don't. Mousse takes a bit longer to apply than spray.

Some dry shampoos are designed specifically for blonde or dark hair. But there are plenty of options that work well for all hair colours and become transparent when dry.

It’s easy to buy the wrong thing, so read the label carefully before your purchase. And remember, always brush the dry shampoo into your hair to avoid any unsightly dust on your roots - this is especially important if you have dark hair.

If you're new to using dry shampoo or want to improve your technique, check out Glamour Magazine's do's and don'ts for some helpful tips.

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