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Silver Shampoos milk_shake Silver Shine Shampoo 300ml

milk_shake Silver Shine Shampoo 300ml

Silver Shampoo, Shine, Smoothing, Vitamins

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Silver shampoo, also known as purple shampoo because of its colour, is a cleansing product created to neutralise yellow, brassy tones in your hair. With silver shampoo, you can achieve anything from a warm honey blond to a cool white shade depending on the product and your hair.

Wet your hair with warm water – the warm temperature opens up your hair cuticles, making it easier for the purple pigments in silver shampoo to be absorbed and counteract yellowness. Then massage the shampoo into your scalp and rinse. Wash your hair with the shampoo a second time, thoroughly massaging the shampoo from your scalp through to the tips of your hair, then rinse it again. The second wash works to properly remove grime and product residue, leading to better hair health.

Kind of. Silver shampoo is really for anyone with light hair, including blonde, platinum, grey, white, pastel and highlighted. While silver shampoo is normally advertised for people with blonde or bleached hair, anyone with light highlights can benefit from using it. The silver shampoo also works to eliminate yellow and brassy tones in silver, white and grey hair.

Three tips when buying silver shampoo

It's difficult to know the intensity of a silver shampoo before testing it. Of course, this makes it tricky to know which shampoo to go for, as it's not possible to determine with the naked eye how strong the shampoo will be on your hair. We recommend that you read tests and reviews of silver shampoo before you order a bottle.

Things to look for especially in reviews are:

  • How strong is the colour of the shampoo? Do you have to keep the shampoo on your hair for a long time, or will short exposure be enough?
  • How much does the shampoo dry out your hair? Silver shampoo can often be perceived as very drying.
  • Does the shampoo deliver the cool shade promised? The point of a silver shampoo is that brassy shades should give way to cool shades – if the product does not deliver on that point, it's a bad choice.

It might sound obvious, but a bottle with a pump will undoubtedly make it easier to use the silver shampoo. While it may not matter if a regular shampoo splashes around a little, silver shampoo is pigmented with a purple dye. To avoid purple splashes in the bathroom and a lot of unnecessary stains, user-friendly packaging is preferable.

If you find that a silver shampoo dries out your hair a lot, try a silver mask every now and then, either instead of a silver shampoo, or as a complement or option. A mask usually adds moisture in addition to the cooler hair shade.

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