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Hot Liquid Safe Blenders

Smoothie Blenders
Smoothie Blenders
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Hot Liquid Safe Blenders Ninja 2-in-1 BN750UK

Ninja 2-in-1 BN750UK

Jug Blender, 2100 ml, Measurement Indicator on the Pitcher, Cord Storage, Display, Detachable Blades, Pulse Function, Ice Crusher, Dishwashable Parts, 1200W



Donaghy Bros
in 14 stores

3 tips for buying a blender

When selecting a blender, consider the jug capacity. For example, to make a 300ml smoothie for a family of four, you'll need a jug capacity of at least 1.2 litres. Because the finished smoothie takes up less space than the ingredients before blending.

When purchasing a blender, consider its motor power. It typically ranges from 500-2000 watts. Speed is measured in revolutions per minute (RPM) and ranges from 10,000-40,000 RPM.

To crush hard and large ingredients, for example, you'll need a powerful and fast motor, preferably with the power over 1000 W and 20,000 RPM.

Blenders come with different functions and features, and some of the most in-demand are:

Not sure you need a blender? Maybe a look at these delicious smoothie recipes at BBC Good Food will help you make up your mind.

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