Ten smart tips

1. Compare prices and other costs

Have you compared prices on PriceRunner? Sometimes shipping costs are added, sometimes products have free shipping. Many online retailers offer free shipping if you spend more than a certain amount.

2. Check what you are buying

Check an extra time that it is the right model you are looking for. A good advice is to double-check things like colour and size, as the same item can often come in many versions.

3. Buy from serious retailers

Does the retailer give you a serious impression? If you are unsure, check out other customers' ratings and reviews on PriceRunner.

4. Use PriceRunner's Buyer Protection

Feeling safe makes it easier to shop online. PriceRunner has a Buyer Protection scheme for registered members, which covers you up to £5,000 if the product is not delivered or if there is a problem with it and the retailer does not resolve the problem within a certain time. And the good news is that it does not cost anything to be a PriceRunner Plus member. Nor do you pay any extra for our Buyer Protection.

Full terms and conditions here

5. Pay by invoice

There are many easy ways to pay. But if you pay by invoice you can withhold the payment if something turns out to be wrong with the delivery. However, be careful to check if there are any extra fees when you pay by invoice. It is also important to pay on time – otherwise the interest can quickly add up and make your purchase very expensive.

6. Think of the environment

Buy from retailers who are as local as possible. Sending an individual package across the world is not climate-smart. And choose products with a lower climate impact.

7. Use your right of cancellation

For purchases within the EU, you have a two-week right of cancellation from the day you receive the goods. One advantage of e-commerce is that you can actually return a product you do not want.

More about the right of cancellation

8. Check if it is easy to return

Check the retailer’s return policy before you buy; check what it costs to return an item and how complicated it is. If you buy products that weigh a lot, it can be both time consuming and expensive to return them.

9. Use the app to become a real PriceRunner

Download the PriceRunner app. With our iOS and Android app you can scan the barcode on a product directly at a physical store. In a fraction of a second, we show you what the same product costs online.

10. Help other consumers!

Remember to leave a review on PriceRunner about any products you buy and the retailer you purchased it from. This helps other people in the same position as you. With more ratings and reviews, the most popular and service-oriented retailers – and e-commerce in general – are made better, safer and more straightforward for all of us!

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