PriceRunner Buyer Protection

  • Buyer Protection reimburses purchases up to £5,000
  • Valid for shops selected by PriceRunner
  • Completely free of charge!

As a PriceRunner member you will also get, entirely free of charge, Buyer Protection when you complete your purchase. This means that we at PriceRunner will reimburse you up to £5,000 if your purchase is not delivered or arrives damaged and the shop from which you purchased from has not amended the issue (terms and conditions apply). We want you to feel safe when you shop using our service! The shops that have Buyer Protection will have the buyer protection logo by their name in the list of prices.

PriceRunners Buyer Protection is also valid and gives your protection when shopping during the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday, so you always feel safe when shopping with us.

Buyer protection badge

How do I make use of PriceRunner’s Buyer Protection?

If you want to make use of the Buyer Protection you need to keep an eye out for the shops that have the Buyer Protection logo next to their name on the price list.

Once you’ve chosen a shop covered by the warranty you will be taken to their website where you can complete your purchase knowing that you are fully protected. If any issues arise regarding the delivery of the ordered goods, and it is not possible to find a solution together with the store, simply reach out to us.

It is really that simple to shop securely online!

If you are not a member yet you can simply become a member here for free, registration is simple and will only take a minute.

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