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Top 13 Best Hedge Trimmers of 2021

Elina Blom

Updated March 5, 2021

We have tested hedge trimmers and name Ryobi RHT36C60R15 as best hedge trimmer of 2021. It is a battery powered hedge trimmer with a lot of power and an ergonomic design, which makes this a winner in our test.

Top 13 Best Hedge Trimmers of 2021

How we did the test

Our tests are independently conducted and reflect the test editor's honest and objective opinions. Selection of products and test results are in no way influenced by manufacturers, retailers or other internal or external parties.

We carry out all of our tests ourselves and test all products as they are intended to be used in reality. We have tested hedge trimmers outdoors in genuine private gardens on different types of hedge. They have been used individually for long periods and also compared to each other. The most common type of hedges have been thuja, hawthorn and privet. The hedge trimmers have been tested on a number of points, of which some of the most important are as follows:

  • Performance: What thickness branches can the hedge trimmer cut? How long is the cutting time in relation to the battery size? How much of the hedge can it cut in one go?

  • Construction: What materials has the manufacturer used? How long is the blade? Where are the buttons and handles?

  • Ergonomics: How heavy does the hedge trimmer feel? How well balanced does it feel in your hands? Can the handles be rotated so that it's easy to cut vertically? What's the noise level like?

  • Ease of use: Is it easy to get started with the machine? How easily accessible and understandable are all the buttons and handles?

Other aspects that have been taken into account are safety functions, charging times and of course also the price - primarily the combination price including the hedge trimmer, battery and charger. All of the above aspects have been taken into account, and the score ultimately reflects our perception of how well the hedge trimmer functions in relation to its price.


Well designed with intelligent functions for a broad target audience

Type: Battery-powered Power: 36 V Battery: 1.5 Ah Battery life: 30 min (measured) Min/Ah: 20 Weight: 4266 g (measured, including battery), 3344 g (measured, excluding battery) Bar length: 70 cm (measured) Noise level: 75.3 dB (measured)

Ryobi RHT36C60R15

The Ryobi RHT36C60R15 is a hedge trimmer with a good long bar and a number of clever functions. One of the best functions is the "hedge sweep". This is essentially a little shark's fin on the bar that helps to clear away clippings from branches when you're cutting the hedge. This works better than we'd expected. The function is particularly useful when you're cutting along the top of a hedge, because otherwise it can be difficult to access that area to sweep it clean. Another strength of the RHT36C60R15 is that you can adjust the handle both 45 and 90 degrees. However, the function allowing you to reduce the speed is really only useful in theory. In practice, fine cut mode is really hardly any different when you're using the hedge trimmer. But the ergonomics are good. The hedge trimmer is well balanced and has a comfortable rubberised handle that gives you a good grip.

The Ryobi RHT36C60R15 performs well. It can easily cope with branches up to around 1.5 cm in diameter, which covers the majority of hedges. With thicker branches it tends to tear at them, and sometimes it just can't cope. Unfortunately the battery life is quite short. We recommend that you buy an extra battery of at least 2 Ah so that if necessary you can swap between them. But this means that the price tag increases quite a bit. However, one advantage is that this model belongs to Ryobi's One Plus system, which means you can share the battery with all of the other 36-volt machines in the range. The battery indicator, which is nicely visible to the user, gets a thumbs up from us. As does the hand guard, which is made of transparent plastic, giving you a good overview of the bar. The scabbard is made of hard plastic and does what it should. Something we'd have liked to see on this hedge trimmer is a child lock. It's very easy to start the machine, so you need to remove the battery after use if you have children at home. In many ways, the RHT36C60R15 is a really good hedge trimmer. The long bar length means that you can easily use it to trim even slightly wider hedges, and the clever functions make it user friendly. If you make sure to buy an extra battery you get a really good user experience if you have a normal sized hedge.

Good ergonomicswell balancedgood for mixed hedgesuseful "fin" on the bar
Short battery lifeno child lock

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2. AL-KO EnergyFlex HT 4055 - BEST BUDGET CHOICE

Affordable and ideal for easy to medium difficulty hedges

Type: Battery-powered Power: 40 V Battery: 5 Ah Battery life: 2 h 41 min (measured) Min/Ah: 32.2 Weight: 4044 g (measured including battery), 2612 g (measured, excluding battery) Bar length: 55 cm (measured) Noise level: 90.5 dB (measured) Miscellaneous: Can buy a battery belt to support the weight

AL-KO HT 4055 EnergyFlex

The AL-KO EnergyFlex HT 4055 is an affordable hedge trimmer for medium-sized hedges with branches up to 1 cm thick If the branches are thicker, around 1.5 cm or more, the cutting process is slower and it pinches branches rather than cuts them. But in terms of price, it does a decent job.

The working time you get out of a 5-amp battery is up to 50 minutes as long as you don’t load it too heavily.

The hedge trimmer is easy to use and has handles with a curve and a partly rubberised surface. This gives you a good grip when working. Buttons and functions are well placed so that they work for both right and left-handed people.

The only real disadvantages of the construction are that it feels a bit plasticky, and that the trimmer is very sensitive in terms of how hard you have to push for it to make contact when you start it. Because you alternately press and release the start when you mow the hedge, and the machine is so sensitive, the start button can feel a bit awkward.

Interesting design choices

The hedge trimmer is well balanced and doesn’t particularly suffer from vibrations. Of course it vibrates a bit, but not more than you’d expect given the price, and not so much that it’s a nuisance.

Furthermore, the EnergyFlex HT 4055 weighs about the same as other hedge trimmers. However, it has a special solution with a battery belt to relieve tired arms. This works so that there’s a cable approximately 1.2 m long connected to the hedge trimmer, and the cable is in turn connected to an adapter and a belt where you connect the battery. In other words, you can run the hedge trimmer as usual (with the battery in it) or you can put the battery in the belt instead. The belt and adapter weigh a lot, but on the other hand you relieve your arms by about a third of the weight, which is really useful because you often hold a hedge trimmer quite high up and at awkward angles.

We've tried this solution out in other contexts and not been very happy with it. This is because you have the cord hanging loose at your side. It would have been useful if instead it was flexible (contracted automatically). But at least on this hedge trimmer we don’t run into any major problems with getting tangled on branches or similar, as we did when we tested it with a chainsaw. So in this case, it's a welcome extra feature.

Other intelligent functions

The AL-KO EnergyFlex HT 4050 comes with a hard plastic scabbard that’s easy to remove. But what’s ingenious about it is that it allows you to hang the hedge trimmer on the wall, either vertically, or – thanks to two extra screws – horizontally. Being able to hang garden tools on the wall to keep your workshop tidy is very practical, but very few manufacturers seem to appreciate this. All too often you have to modify the tools and solve this problem yourself.

The length of the bar is fine in terms of price, even if you feel a bit taken in by the stated size (60 cm), because it’s actually 55 cm in practice as there are no teeth at the ends.

The AL-KO HT 4050 is ideal for anyone looking for a hedge trimmer for a small or medium-sized hedge with branches up to 1 cm thick.

Well-balanced & easy to useeasy to storegood work rate on thinner branchescan be made lighter via a battery belt
Can’t handle thick branchestwo-handed grip a bit sensitive

3. Husqvarna 115iHD45

User-friendly, strong and well balanced for a wide target audience

Type: Battery-powered Power: 36 V Battery: 2 Ah Battery life: Standard: 1 h 26 min (measured) Eco mode: 2 h 5 min (measured) Min/Ah: 41 Weight: 3985 g (measured, including battery), 3185 g (measured, excluding battery) Bar length: 50 cm (measured) Noise level: 67.4 dB (measured)

Husqvarna 115iHD45

The Husqvarna 115iHD45 is a hedge trimmer with high build quality that feels good when you use it. The feeling is a bit like cutting through cotton wool when you run it over a hedge. This is probably due to a combination of a light and quiet but simultaneously powerful machine. It also produces really good results. You get neat cut surfaces and it doesn't break off branches when it can't cope. Instead it simply switches off. On branches over 1.5 cm in diameter it starts to grumble a bit, and it's about here that you run into the limit of what this hedge trimmer can cope with. Unfortunately the bar is relatively short, which means that if you have a slightly wider hedge you may need to consider choosing another machine. The hedge trimmer has an eco mode that's useful when you've thoroughly maintained the hedge in previous years so you just have the odd thin branch sticking out. You'll clearly notice the difference between eco and full mode, both in terms of battery life and strength.

The Husqvarna 115iHD45 is well designed. The half-moon shaped handle makes it easy to move your hands and get a grip that works for various different angles. In terms of safety, we like the fact that there's a start button you have to press in before you can start using the hedge trimmer. However, there's no safety guard at the front, which means it needs a two-handed grip and some strength to get it going. The 115iHD45 has a really good anti-vibration system, so it's comfortable to work with even over longer periods. The battery life is also very good, and it charges quickly. However, the charger isn't a standard station you click the battery into, but a fiddlier version that takes up more space. Overall, however, this is a really good hedge trimmer that suits most home owners. You can cut long, quite thick hedges with a hedge trimmer that has high levels of ergonomics and build quality.

Light and well balancedlow noise levelrelatively powerfulfeels pleasant in usegood half-moon handlelow vibrations
Short barfiddly charger design

4. Stihl HSA86

Very powerful and time efficient for anyone wanting to trim hedges like a pro

Type: Battery-powered Power: 36 V Battery: 6 Ah Battery life: 3 h 51 min (measured) Min/Ah: 38 Weight: 5174 g (measured, including battery), 3444 g (measured, excluding battery) Bar length: 68 cm (measured) Noise level: 72.4 dB (measured)

Stihl HSA 86

The Stihl HSA86 is a very powerful hedge trimmer with a substantial battery that means it runs for a very long time. This feels like a professional machine, but it's as heavy as one too. Just the battery alone weighs almost two kilos. If you don't need this long a battery life and want a hedge trimmer that's easier to handle, you can buy a battery with a lower capacity to reduce the weight. The actual hedge trimmer is otherwise ergonomically designed with a good grip and a very small safety guard at the front, giving you a really good view of the bar. But because it's small it doesn't give much protection against branches. However, a pair of good gloves means this isn't a problem. The hedge trimmer gives off some vibration, but not enough to be a problem.

The Stihl HSA86 has a good long bar. Together with the powerful motor, this makes the hedge trimmer extremely efficient. It can cope with all the branches it encounters. Even if they're as thick as 1.5 cm – which is pretty big for a hedge, even if you don't trim it regularly – they're no match for the HSA86. Above this it struggles a bit. Despite the heavy battery, the machine is nicely balanced. It also has a clear battery indicator and a scabbard in hard plastic. The scabbard has pre-set holes you can cut out on the back to hang up the hedge trimmer with, if you like. The quick charger charges the battery very quickly. The battery is compatible with several of Stihl's other garden products, such as their lawnmowers, so you can use it for other purposes. The Stihl HSA86 is suitable if you have a really broad, coarse hedge that means you require both power and time. Of course the price reflects this too, but if you need a professional machine it's a very good buy.

Very powerfulquick charginggood visibilitylong bar
High machine weight

5. AL-KO HT 2050

Very good for shaping and maintaining less substantial hedges

Type: Battery-powered Power: 18 V Battery: 2.5 Ah Battery life: 1 h 10 min (measured) Min/Ah: 28 Weight: 2453 g (measured, including battery), 2080 g (measured, excluding battery) Bar length: 58 cm (measured) Noise level: 65.6 dB (measured)

AL-KO HT 2050 EasyFlex

The AL-KO HT 2050 is a neat, light hedge trimmer that's ideal for shaping and similar finishing work.

For such a simple hedge trimmer, it's also quite powerful. The bar cuts well and doesn't get stuck in fiddly areas with lots of branches of mixed sizes. However, it can't cope with bigger branches – it simply chews away in the same place. This is more of a maintenance machine for anyone who trims their hedge so often that the branches don't have time to get thicker, or if you have bushes with thinner branches.

On the top of the hedge trimmer is a spirit level. Theoretically, this is a good addition, particularly given how well the HT 2050 performs in terms of shaping and finishing. But in practice, it doesn't work very well. It's pretty much impossible to keep an eye on whether the spirit level is perfectly vertical while you're using the hedge trimmer.

However, it's very easy to get an overview of the machine, so you really don't need the spirit level. In the majority of positions you can easily see through or over the hand guard.

Great at shaping and simple pruning

The AL-KO HT 2050 has a really good scabbard. It's made from hard plastic and is easy to remove and replace. It's also got wings that allow you to insert a screw to hang it up. The hedge trimmer is also very well balanced and the ergonomics are good given the price – for example, you get a really good grip on the machine and the safety guard is sufficiently stiff.

The battery life is reasonable and easily lasts long enough for a normal sized hedge. Unfortunately there's no battery indicator on the hedge trimmer.

The HT 2050 is perfect if you want to be able to quickly maintain bushes with thinner branches, or if you want to shape bushes of species such as box.

Compact lightweightneat shaperuseful set of functionswell balanced
No battery indicatorunnecessary spirit level

6. Stiga SHT 48 AE

A winning combination of power and ergonomics

Type: Battery-powered Measured weight: 3793 g Power: 48 V Battery: 2.5 Ah Measured battery life: 59 min and 50 s Blade length: 65 cm

Stiga SHT 48 AE

The Stiga SHT 48 AE stands out by combining plenty of power, good ergonomics and a high build quality in an affordable package. This battery-powered hedge trimmer can cope with both small and large tasks. Whether you're trimming an older hedge with thick branches or fiddly types like hawthorn, it has sufficient power to make clean, attractive cuts. In addition to its power, the SHT 48 AE has rotatable handles, which are very useful. Because you will mainly be trimming the hedge vertically, the handles provide you with good working ergonomics even when you're cutting on an angle. The long blades also help make the process quick. Despite the fact that the hedge trimmer is quite heavy, the work never feels like too much effort for the body.

One disadvantage of the SHT 48 AE is the safety button that you have to press in to start it. This is slightly inaccessible, but once you've got the hedge trimmer going it cuts without problems. The battery life is reasonable. The machine cuts for almost exactly an hour with a 2.5 Ah battery, and this is enough for a normal-sized hedge if you're used to the work. But if you have a bigger hedge, it might be a good idea to buy an extra battery.

Rotatable handles, powerful, neat cuts, long blades
Position of safety button, rather heavy

7. Bosch Easy HedgeCut 18-45

suitable for simpler hedges

Type: Battery-powered Power: 18 V Battery: 2.5 Ah Battery life: 2 h 10 min (measured) Min/Ah: 41 Weight: 2184 g (measured including battery), 1821 g (measured, excluding battery) Bar length: 47 cm (measured) Noise level: 80.8 dB (measured)

Bosch EasyHedgeCut 18-45

The Bosch Easy HedgeCut 18-45 is a fairly lightweight, compact hedge trimmer for smaller hedges with relatively thin branches. It easily cuts branches up to around half a centimetre thick, and can work on thicker branches, although that gives a slightly poorer work rate.

One of the great advantages of the Easy HedgeCut 18-45 is its battery life. The trimmer can cut for just over an hour before the battery starts to tire, which is really great considering the price. Towards the end of the charge, however, the battery does become noticeably tired.

Because this is an 18-volt machine, the battery works with other 18-volt tools from the same manufacturer.

A simple hedge trimmer

Overall, this is a very simple hedge trimmer. It has no special features and even lacks a battery indicator. The grips are made of thin plastic, but despite their lack of rubber, the trimmer feels comfortable in your hand – partly because it’s so light and partly because it’s very well balanced.

One disadvantage of the Bosch Easy HedgeCut 18-45 is that the dead man's grip is very sensitive as to how you position your hand. It looks roughly like an anchor rather than an arch, and when you turn the hedge trimmer, it loses contact and cuts out. You really have to hold the grip in the middle for it to work all the time.

What the Bosch Easy HedgeCut 18-45 does well is that it’s lightweight, has a good battery life and is well designed for thinner hedges. Vibration reduction is also pretty good. Thanks to these features, it makes for an affordable hedge trimmer, but isn’t ideal for anyone with a hedge with coarser branches.

Lightweightcompactcan share battery with other toolsgood battery life
Overly sensitive dead man's gripnot very powerfultires towards the end of battery life

8. Stihl HS45

Strong and easy to store

Type: Petrol Weight: 5150 g Power: 0.75 kW Cylinder volume: 27.2 cm³ RPM: X rpm Noise level: 81.2 dB (measured) Petrol tank: 0.22 l Bar length: 62 cm

Stihl HS 45 60cm

The Stihl HS45 is a strong hedge trimmer intended for the average home owner. There's a nicely judged resistance in the throttle which means it isn't hard to keep it pressed in for longer periods. It also has cruise control so you can lock the throttle in a particular position and avoid tiring your hand. You simply hold the handle and allow the hedge trimmer to do its job. However, the HS45 could have been significantly more ergonomically friendly. We expected a better anti-vibration system and a handle of something more comfortable than hard plastic, given the price. Unfortunately it's also quite heavy. These characteristics mean that overall it's quite tough to work with after a while. Nor can you adjust it to different positions.

The Stihl HS45 cuts well and is a powerful machine. Branches up to almost three cm in diameter pose no problems. Above all, the long bar makes it suitable for the majority of hedges. Despite the length, it doesn't waver in deep, slightly thicker hedges. This makes it an impressive hedge trimmer. It's also easy to start, even after it's been standing for a while. Unfortunately it's rather noisy. All of the buttons except for the cruise control are well positioned and can be reached by both right and left-handed users. The hard plastic scabbard is easy to remove and replace. You can also suspend the machine from the loop on the handle, making it easy to store. Overall, this is a relatively simple but strong hedge trimmer that's suitable for medium sized hedges. The ergonomics could have been better, but the cruise control means that it's still efficient.

High performancerelatively long barcruise control
Poor anti-vibration systemhandle not adjustable

9. MTD GHT 45/28

Rotatable rubberised handle and good performance

Type: Petrol Weight: 4732 g Power: 0.65 kW Cylinder volume: X cm³ Speed: X rpm Noise level: 82.4 dB (measured) Petrol tank: X l Bar length: 48 cm

MTD GHT 45/28

MTD GHT 45/28 is a neat hedge trimmer that's easy to start. It's relatively noisy, but simultaneously also provides relatively high levels of performance. It can cope with branches up to around 2.5 cm with no problems. A major advantage with this machine is the angled handle, which can also be set in two positions - either 45 or 90 degrees. Together with the well rubberised grip, this means it's relatively comfortable to use. Unfortunately this feeling is reduced somewhat by the fact that the vibration reduction isn't very good. After a while it becomes an effort to hold the machine despite its other advantages. However, this is only a slightly negative aspect as the ergonomics can otherwise be classified as good.

There's a bit of a gap between the main and adjustable handles, which reduces the impression of build quality. The buttons are also positioned so that the MTD GHT 46/8 is only suitable for right-handed users. If you're right-handed, the primer bulb is well placed. As is the choke, even if people with larger fingers may have a bit more difficulty accessing it. The scabbard is made from quite thin plastic and unfortunately doesn't entirely cover the bar. The snap fastener for the air filter is well attached yet simultaneously easy to remove, which enables straightforward maintenance. The GHT 46/8 has a relatively short bar. This is a bit of a shame given the performance and the adjustable handle. Given this, the machine is best for smaller hedges, but here it does an efficient job.

Adjustable handlegood performancerubberised grip
Some vibrationsonly suitable for right-handed usersnoisypoor scabbard

10. Husqvarna 122HD45

Low vibrations and suitable for smaller hedges

Type: Petrol Weight: 4915 g Power: 0.6 kW Cylinder volume: 21.7 cm³ RPM: 7,800 rpm Noise level: 75.9 dB (measured) Petrol tank: 0.3 l Bar length: 45 cm

Husqvarna 122HD45

The Husqvarna 122HD45 is a substantial hedge trimmer for anyone with a slightly smaller hedge. The machine produces low vibrations, which means it's comfortable to work with even for longer sessions. Unfortunately the hedge trimmer doesn't have a rubberised grip, but because it has such a good anti-vibration system you barely notice this. However, you will spot that it has a very short bar, as this limits where you can use it. Nor can you change the angle of the bar, which makes it less ergonomically efficient to work with. But all of the buttons are well placed both for right and left-handed users, which is positive. The scabbard has pre-punched holes so you can hang the hedge trimmer up on a wall.

The Husqvarna 122HD45 performs well. It can cope with both slightly thicker fir branches of around 1.5-2 cm and more bushy hedges that need a good trim. However, the short bar means that it isn't suitable for anything but relatively narrow hedges. You always have a good overview of the hedge as Husqvarna have positioned the grip and other components so that they don't get in the way. Unfortunately, the choke is rather sluggish and sharp to hold in. We also think that the primer bulb is hard to see as it's hidden behind the air filter housing. The air filter screw is easy to access, however. A major advantage is that you can see the whole of the petrol tank, so you can easily see how much fuel you have left. Overall the 122HD45 is a nice strong hedge trimmer for slightly thinner hedges.

Good performanceeffective vibration reductiongood scabbard
Short barhandle can't be rotatedsluggish choke

11. Black & Decker GTC36552PC

Type: Battery-powered Measured weight: 3340 g Power: 36 V Battery: 2 Ah Battery life: 1 h 25 min (measured) Min/Ah: 42 Weight: 3 414 g (measured, including battery), 2 792 g (measured, excluding battery) Bar length: 63 cm (measured) Noise level: 74.2 dB (measured) Measured battery life: 1 h 15 min and 52 s Blade length: 55 cm

Black & Decker GTC36552PC

The Black & Decker GTC36552PC is a relatively strong hedge trimmer that's suitable for the majority of hedge types in a normal domestic garden. Branches up to 1.5 cm in thickness pose no problems at all. However, if you try to take on anything thicker you might run into problems if you aren't careful. Unfortunately the GTC36552PC is quite rear-heavy despite the relatively light battery included with the machine. This can be rather tiresome if you're cutting the top of a hedge. On the other hand, the hedge trimmer is quite light as a whole, so it's not a major problem. But if you buy a bigger battery this may make it worse. A major plus is the safety handle. This provides a safety feature because it's more difficult for a child to start it, and it's also cleverly designed so that you can use it regardless of whether you're right or left-handed. The front hand guard is quite large compared to other models. It's made from hard black plastic and unfortunately blocks the view of the bar slightly. Another disadvantage is the scabbard that's included. It's made from soft plastic and starts to show damage after only a week's use. The fact that it's soft also makes it rather fiddly to get on.

The Black & Decker GTC36552PC has a very good battery life. The bar length won't be enough for the very broadest hedges, but it's still above average. We would have preferred to see a different end on the bar as the shape means that the hedge trimmer occasionally gets stuck and jerks during use. Despite the very substantial bar and the resistance it gives when you're cutting, the battery life is comparable to that in a number of professional machines on the market. Given the price, this is a major plus. Many hedge trimmers in this class also have a fine cutting mode that means you waste less battery when you're cutting a hedge with thin branches. It simply reduces the machine speed. The GTC36552PC instead has a pulse mode. The idea is that this should provide extra strength in case you get stuck. But we find that in practice this doesn't make much difference. Other than this there aren't many refinements in this hedge trimmer. It does its job and produces very good results. The GTC36552PC is suitable for someone who wants a budget class hedge trimmer with a really long battery life - for example if you have a long hedge, but who isn't so bothered about ergonomics and refinements.

Very long battery life, high safety levels
Rear-heavy, poor scabbard

12. Stihl HSA 56

Sharp cutting and a lot of power

Type: Battery-powered Measured weight: 3660 g Power: 36 V Battery: 1.6 Ah Measured battery life: 40 min and 55 Blade length:

Stihl HSA 56

The Stihl HSA 56 is a slightly smaller but still quite heavy battery-operated hedge trimmer that makes neat cuts and has a decent amount of power. The battery included in our set was the smallest one, the AK 10, which corresponds to 1.6 Ah. We got about 40 minutes' battery life from it. If you have a normal sized garden, it may be a good idea to go up a battery size, or buy two batteries so that you can swap them. However, the battery life is fine for a battery of this size. What we'd have liked is rotatable handles, as these provide much better ergonomics. While you hold the hedge trimmer to cut horizontally, it's easy to operate the front handle to keep the machine running. But when you're cutting vertically the handle movement is so short that it becomes quite uncomfortable after a while, as it requires a bit too much force. This combined with the fact that the blades are quite short means that you're not comfortable for about 80% of the cutting time.

However, one advantage of the HSA 56 is that it can cope with older hedges with thicker branches. The cuts it makes are very good. In fact we were extremely impressed with the cut quality. The impression given by the quality of the blades and the power it produces is that of a professional machine. Nor do you need to be worried about damaging the blades as you get closer to the ground, because the clever design protects them. Overall, the HSA 56 does a really good job of trimming hedges, but it would be even better with improved ergonomics.

Neat cuts, powerful, solid build quality
Not very ergonomic, handle can't be rotated, short blades

13. Greenworks G40HT61

Suitable for thinner hedges

Type: Battery-powered Power: 40 V Battery: 2 Ah Battery life: 2 Ah: 25 min, 4 Ah: 1 h 20 min (measured) Min/Ah: 20 Weight: 2587 g (measured, excluding battery), Batteries: 2 Ah 823 g, 4 Ah 1247 g Bar length: 60 cm (measured) Noise level: 83.6 dB (measured)

Greenworks G40HT61

The Greenworks G40HT61 is a hedge trimmer which combines a reasonable battery life with a reasonable performance. It can handle branches up to one centimetre thick without any problems, which makes it suitable for a lot of different hedges. If the branches are thicker than that, the trimmer has to work a lot harder and tends to stick. True, it will still cut your hedge, but your work rate won’t be as good.

The specifications say that the G40HT61 can handle branches up to 2.7 centimetres thick. Our feeling is that this might be true, but only if you work at those thicker branches for a while. Furthermore, they need to be soft rather than really tough.

This hedge trimmer comes with a 2 Ah battery and we’ve measured the unloaded battery life to be 50 minutes. But once we start working with it, that time is halved. So in terms of price, the battery life is decent, but no more than that. For a larger hedge, we recommend a 4 Ah battery. This lasted for about an hour. We managed to cut a 90 metre long hedge in that time, made up of branches about one centimetre thick.

One positive thing about the G40HT61 is that you have a battery indicator which is visible whilst you work, which means you can keep an eye on the remaining battery life.

You can rotate the handle

The Greenworks G40HT61 has rubber grips on the throttle as well as two safety devices for start-up. In other words, it offers a good grip and high levels of safety. However, we found that one of the safety features, the start button – which has to be held in to fire the trimmer up – is tricky to access and that makes starting difficult. The safety catch on the handle would have been more than enough.

Noise levels are average for a hedge trimmer with this performance. The build quality is also decent. We also liked the fact that it’s possible to rotate the handle for better ergonomics. However, in terms of vibration reduction, the trimmer was quite poor.

The Greenworks G40HT61 is suitable for anyone who doesn’t have a very coarse hedge, and for those who have more products from the same manufacturer – because you can share the battery between them.

Clear battery indicatorgood work rate on thinner hedges
Short battery lifesticks on thicker branchesquite a lot of vibration


With a hedge trimmer in your garden arsenal, you can quickly create order in even the most unruly hedge. The best time of year to trim your hedge is July, August or September, but you can also trim it in the period between winter and spring before it starts to develop buds.

A hedge trimmer consists of a motor, a set of double blades that scissor over each other, and loop handles enabling you to hold the machine. To prevent injury there are also a number of safety functions. For example, you usually have to hold the rear handle while pushing the front handle forwards to make the hedge trimmer run. Another common safety function is a start button that you have to press in while holding the handles.

Choose the right model

When you buy a hedge trimmer, it's important to choose one that suits your type of hedge. Thuja, privet and mountain currant are examples of hedge types that don't need a particularly powerful hedge trimmer. This is because they are relatively soft and because they rarely have very thick branches - as long as you keep them in trim. However, if you have an older hedge with thick branches, you need more power. A hawthorn hedge requires a bit more from a hedge trimmer. Trimming a hedge is physically demanding work, and the better the hedge trimmer you have, the easier the work will be.

Different types:

  • Petrol-driven hedge trimmer

  • Battery-powered hedge trimmer

  • Mains hedge trimmer

The type of hedge trimmer you should choose depends on your requirements. The battery-powered ones have improved enormously and now have a good battery capacity and a lot of power. If you have a normal sized garden with hedges around it, you will get a long way with a battery-powered hedge trimmer. However, professional gardeners often choose petrol-operated hedge trimmers to avoid having to deal with charging batteries. But even here, the trend is towards battery-powered tools.

Mains-powered hedge trimmers are most suitable if you have very little hedge and small distances in your garden. Because you have to take into account both long horizontal distances and vertical distances, cables can be very limiting when you're trimming a hedge, partly because you have to use extension cables, and partly because it's easy for the cable to get in the way and be cut by mistake. If you choose a mains-powered version, you should have a small, low and easy hedge to maintain. Otherwise a wire-free version is often better.

Five tips for hedge trimming

  1. Trim the hedge into an A shape. It should be slightly narrower at the top than at the bottom, so that the sun's rays can reach all of the leaves and make the hedge nicely dense all the way down.

  2. When the hedge has reached the desired height, you should always cut it at the same height. This means you only cut the new growth and makes it easier to keep it attractive.

  3. If it's a newly planted hedge (not the "ready grown" type), you should trim it quite a bit straight away. Hedges branch where you cut them and if you want it to be dense at the base, you need to cut it low down from the start. After this you should trim it 10-15 centimetres every year. This gives you an attractive, dense hedge right from the ground to the top.

  4. Always use protective equipment when you're cutting a hedge. Gloves, safety goggles and a protective jacket are recommended.

  5. Don't forget to drink water from time to time. Trimming a hedge is physical work and it's easier if you keep your brain and body in trim during the process.

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