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Joie Baby Seats Joie Spin 360

Joie Spin 360


Baby Seat, Front, Rear, ECE R44, Including Base, Side Impact Protection (ASIP), Rotatable, Newborn Seat Reducer Included

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Installing a baby seat

Detachable car seats keep your baby safe in the car. You need to install them properly to avoid any risks in a crash. Here are three ways to do it:

  • Installation with seat belt – most detachable car seats can be secured to the car seat using the seat belt.
  • Installation with Isofix – many baby seats can be attached to an Isofix base. Simply attach the base to the car seat and then easily remove and attach the car seat to the base.
  • Installation with a belted base – a belted base is also installed using the seat belt, and can be used in the same way as an Isofix base.

Not all detachable car seats will fit all prams. If you want to use your detachable car seat in the pram, you must ensure that there are adapters for the pram you have chosen. Most prams come with their own detachable car seat adaptor, which works with all detachable car seats from one or more car seat manufacturers.

There is a big difference in price between car seats, related to both the brand and the features of the car seat.

  • Rotating car seat: Some isofix bases allow the car seat to be rotated.
  • Detachable car seat package: Some detachable car seats come in packs containing a base and a car seat, as a complete car solution for your child’s first year.
  • Reclining position: Some detachable car seats can be folded out into a flat reclining position, but only when the detachable car seat is placed in a pram, or somewhere outside of the car.
  • Canopy: To avoid the sun disturbing your baby's eyes, choose a detachable car seat with an adjustable canopy.
  • Detachable car seats that become prams: There are detachable car seats with wheels and fold-out handles, which convert the car seat into a small pram.